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Eazzy plays guest judge on Vodafone Icons + What Gena West and Appietus think about the Street Edition!


Eazzy plays guest judge on Vodafone Icons + What Gena West and Appietus think about the Street Edition!

Rapper/singer Eazzy recently joined Vodafone Icons resident judges, Gena West and Appietus at the Accra auditions of the new season of the reality TV singing contest. Judging a talent show is not entirely new to Eazzy, who was a judge on GhOne’s Next Big Thing last year

She commented: “It feels good; it makes me feel that the work that I am putting into the different aspects of my career is being noticed. I think that being a judge on The Next Big Thing was a reference point and it made it easier to become a guest judge on Vodafone Icons.”

Eazzy isn’t an easy judge to convince when it comes to spotting the talent. She said during the first half of the Accra auditions that she was yet to be blown away, and that she was looking to see a female rapper that would give the boys a run for their money.

She said “So far I haven’t been totally impressed, I am waiting to find uniqueness – a voice that will hit you so you can say that we haven’t heard this before in Ghana.  I’m still waiting to find a girl who can rap”

Ace producer, Appietus who returns for his second season as Vodafone Icons judge said it feels good to come back with another opportunity to find more talent in Ghana and to reward such talents.  He was particularly happy about the street pop-up auditions this year though not wholly impressed by the talent found on the streets thus far.

He said “Most of the rappers are on the streets and that is what we have had with the street pop-auditions. With the pop-up auditions, we go to the city with our Vodafone Icons bus and set up audition booths for anyone on the streets who thinks he or she has the talent to pop in and audition for us. It has been fun and different from the main auditions. We had only a few singers, everyone was rapping. The talent was not that big but we got a few that were good. “

Appietus also hinted that he had seen many familiar faces from past Vodafone Icons seasons. He said, “Most of the people who were here last year and couldn’t make it, went back and did their work so they were better this year. But for those who auditioned in one city and rushed to the next city after they were turned down, they were still not that good. “

The only surviving judge on all 3 seasons of Vodafone icons, Gena West was also excited that this season would see contestants perform as solo acts and not in groups as in the past two seasons.  She said: “I think that it has been really open to everyone and you can feel the difference because people are more comfortable being themselves. By grouping them in previous years, I felt sorry for them, because how do you jell with people you don’t know, people whose talent you don’t necessarily admire.  But this season, they get to just be themselves and bring it all by themselves.”

Auditions have now been completed in Koforidua, Kumasi, Takoradi, Accra and Tamale and judges are now selecting finalists from the semi-finals. Stay tuned for more updates

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