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Eben De Mixologist Wins The Global Johnnie Walker Highball Competition



Ebenezer Tetteh, popularly known as Eben De Mixologist made Ghana extremely proud as he emerged winner in The Global Johnnie Walker Highball competition held in Accra, Ghana to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the iconic whisky.

The feat chalked comes as unprecedented as he was the only African amongst seven mixologists from around the world who’s recipe would be written in the little black book of Johnnie Walker highball cocktails.

The Johnnie Walker Highball is a collection of delicious, easy-to-make whisky drink that’s popular around the world. Cleverly crafted with whisky and a mixer to create an explosion of taste and personality. A whisky highball can be served with a variety of mixers, like soda, ginger ale or ice tea, for an electric burst of bite and flavour.

This Highball cocktail is inspired by the African culture and history; imbibing the process, the art and the craft of the local palm wine tappers of old used in tapping fresh palm wine from various species of palm trees such as the palmyra tree, date palm and coconut palm.

It showcases the ability of African mixologists to blend and utilize exotic African ingredients/beverages in crafting cocktails to meet consumers’ palette preferences (sweet and sour, sweet and spicy, sweet and bitter). This helps to create more job opportunities to our local farmers (palm wine tappers) thus, directly and indirectly, aiding in creating a source of efficient income for traditional farmers.



A founder of TAACOAM (The Art And Craft of African Mixology) and HOMG (House of Mixology Ghana), beverage consultant, Eben Tetteh started his Bartending career in 2012 at Afrikiko (African Cuisine Restaurant and bar) as a Barback.

He headed to The Lexington and then to The view Bar and Grill as a Bar manager from 2016.


Outside of his home bars, Ebenezer Tetteh is a Bar consultant, cocktail expert and educator, recipe developer and an Event organizer. His work and insight have appeared in numerous media and publications including the Tales of The,, Diageo Bar Academy, Ameyaw, Steeze, and many more.

Due to his diligence and quest for perfection, Eben De Mixologist is recognized by industry luminaries such as Dale Degroff, Ian Burrell, Collin Asare Appiah, Douglas Ankrah, and many more.

Connect with Eben De Mixologist via his website across social media.

Facebook: Eben De Mixologist


Instagram: Eben_Mixgod

Telephone: +233545141446


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