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9 Effective Tips to Raise Sexual Libido Drive Immediately Without Drugs



9 Effective Tips to Raise Sexual Libido Drive Immediately Without Drugs scaled

30-Second Summary 

  • Libido, or sex drive, is different for various people based on their physical, emotional, and psychological states.
  • Sex drive may decline with age or emotional and psychological imbalances.
  • Lack of exercise, anxiety, depression, inadequate sleep, and excess alcohol may reduce sex drive in males and females.
  • You may boost sex drive through exercise, diet, getting enough sleep, taking herbs, and natural supplements.
  • Also, doctors can boost sexual libido through testosterone therapy for males and estrogen therapy for females.
  • After reading reviews on male enhancement supplements, you can pick the best to improve your sex drive.

Table of Contents

  1. Manage anxiety
  2. Treat depression
  3. Get better quality sleep
  4. Try effective natural solutions
  5. Exercise
  6. Eat libido-boosting foods
  7. Working on your relationship
  8. How to boost libido in males?
  9. Enhancing libido in females
  10. Final thoughts


1. Manage Anxiety

Studies show anxiety causes reduced sexual libido for males and females. It is because anxiety is closely related to cortisol, the primary stress hormone in the body.

High levels of cortisol make the body feel stressed. The stress hormone (1) cortisol inhibits the body from releasing sex hormones that bring about sexual amusement. Recent studies show that when you get anxiety, it’s hard to maintain an erection. Anxiety and stress go hand in hand, and you must deal with them to improve your sex drive. You may tackle anxiety by taking anti-anxiety drugs, therapy, yoga, or meditation.

2. Treat Depression

Depression has a similar effect on your sex drive the same way anxiety has. But, depression is more severe than anxiety. And, your sex drive starts to reduce when you are depressed.


Depression comes with traits such as a feeling of hopelessness, low self-esteem, and fatigue. With such negative effects on your body, depression makes it hard for you to experience orgasms, a disorder known as Anorgasmia (2).

Therefore, deal with any feelings that make you experience such feelings. There are several ways to deal with depression, such as therapy, taking antidepressants, and meditation. To protect your sex drive, deal with depression, and avoid situations that may make you feel depressed.

3.Get Better Quality Sleep

Having enough sleep is beneficial to your body in many ways. One of the added benefits is improved sex drive. Indeed, research shows that people who deprive themselves of the required sleep time experience reduced sexual desire and arousal, especially women.

It indicates that those suffering from sleeping disorders such as insomnia are at a higher risk of being victims of sexual dysfunction. Make sure you sleep for at least 7 hours daily. However, don’t oversleep too, as it may make you inactive and obese. If you can’t get yourself to sleep when you want, discuss it with your doctor.


4. Try Effective Natural Solutions

Some natural herbs and mineral substances improve sexual drive and fertility. Yet, some studies report that some herbs may do more harm than good. But, others are effective for this purpose and are risk-free. So, do enough research about such remedies before using them to avoid complications.

Some of the natural remedies that are effective include:

  • Maca –It is a Peruvian root found in powdered form or pills. You can put Maca in a drink to consume it and expect sexual arousal.
  • Ginkgo Biloba –It is a natural herb. It may increase sex drive by increasing blood flow into the genital area. Usually, Ginkgo Biloba is stored as a liquid.
  • Ginseng –It is an herbal root known to boost your libido. It increases the sex drive in women who have already reached the menopause stage.

5.  Exercise

Doing exercise has many benefits to our bodies, with increased libido being one of them. Performing constant exercise (3) improves your libido by increasing your cardiovascular health, boosting your mood, and improving your self-esteem. There are no specific exercises that target increasing your libido. However, controlled strength training improves sexual libido and reverses erectile dysfunction. In essence, as long as you keep fit, you will have a better sex drive.

6. Eat Libido-Boosting Foods


There are no instant fixes to boost your sex drive or libido. Nonetheless, you can take some nutrients and minerals to help your body get your sex drive back. Some of the nutrients that might help you achieve this are:

  • Zinc-rich foods help boost your testosterone.
  • Whole grains, fibers, and legumes to help boost your stamina.
  • Foods such as citrus and pepper help prevent sexual dysfunction.

7. Working on your relationship

Working on your relationship

As many may agree, relationships are hard to deal with, especially if you have been together for a long time. The longer you are in a relationship with someone, the more your sexual drive towards each other may depreciate. The only way to resolve this is through therapy, trying new things, going on vacation, or any other way that may bring your emotional attachment back. The better the emotional connection, the more you get intimate, and the better the sex.

8. How To Boost Libido in Males 

Testosterone levels in males affect their sexual libido in males. Unfortunately, testosterone levels decline with age from around 30 years. This testosterone decline lowers sexual libido, and it’s a serious issue for some males. Some foods, herbs, vitamin D, and omega 3-fatty acids may help too. Still, some doctors recommend testosterone replacement therapy to try and alleviate the problem. Testosterone therapy can improve libido, cure erectile dysfunction, and reduce depression.

But before going for testosterone therapy, males can try natural dietary male enhancement supplementsto enhance sexual libido. One such dietary supplement for male sexual libido is Iron Maxxx. This product works to improve sexual libido and sexual performance and gives better erections.


In truth, you must read several Iron Maxxx reviews before using it for sexual problems. So, you will know if it works for others, though most reviews say it works and doesn’t have side effects. 

9. Enhancing Libido in Females

Females experience sexual libido problems due to various reasons and as they age. Some estrogen(4) products and hormonal imbalances may be the causes of their problems. Other causes include some birth control pills, menopause, and mental health issues.

If the problem is related to estrogen, doctors may recommend estrogen replacement therapy. If the problem is vaginal dryness and associated pain, females may use lubricants and pain relievers. And, you can change the contraceptive pills or methods you use if it’s the cause of the low libido.

Otherwise, always talk to your doctor, discuss your sex function problems, and ask do libido gummies work before buying libido supplements. Sometimes, the problem may only require counseling, if it’s emotional or psychological.


Final Thoughts

Individuals have varying sex drives or libido. It all depends on emotional, psychological, physical, and mental state. How blissful a relationship is also determined by sex drive. Also, age, hormones, and some chronic diseases affect sexual libido.

For females, birth control pills and menopause affect libido too. Sleeping for at least 7 hours, eating libido-enhancing foods, regular workouts, plus treating anxiety and depression may improve libido. Still, testosterone and estrogen therapy for males and females, respectively, may work.

Your doctor may suggest male enhancement pills, or you can take natural supplements. Fortunately, several Iron Maxxx reviews say the natural supplement may boost libido, remedy erectile dysfunction, and improve sexual performance. And, if the problem persists, discuss it with your medical doctor before going for boosters.






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