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Efia Odo Condemns ‘Kiki’ Challenge, Calls it Disrespectful to Christianity



Ghanaian social media personality and actress, Efia Odo, has expressed strong disapproval of the recent Kiki challenge, labeling it as “disgusting” and disrespectful to Christianity.


In a passionate statement shared on her X, Efia Odo did not hold back her feelings about the viral challenge, which she believes has crossed a line by involving elements of Christianity and the church.


“That Kiki challenge is a disgusting challenge. Do all the sexy shit y’all want but leave Christianity and the church out of it. Y’all not afraid of God and will do anything ’cause it’s a trend.”

Efia Odo’s criticism reflects her concern that the challenge, which has seen numerous participants, including celebrities, engaging in provocative behavior, is inappropriate when it touches on religious them.

She believes that there should be a boundary that respects religious institutions and faith.

The  challenge, initially a dance craze to the song “In My Feelings” by Drake, has evolved into various forms, some of which have included imitations of religious figures and settings. This has sparked controversy and divided opinions on social media.


The Kiki challenge made  girls hold bibles in  church attires and then transition in baddies in almost unclad outfits.

Efia Odo’s remarks have added to the ongoing debate about the limits of trends and challenges on social media, especially when they intersect with sensitive topics such as religion.

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