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Ekow Smith-Asante says he was once sexually harassed by a male movie producer



Ekow Smith-Asante says he was once sexually harassed by a man after a movie shoot Ekow Smith-Asante[/caption] Ekow Smith-Asante has revealed he was once sexually harrased by a man following a movie shoot which happened outside Ghana. According to Smith-Asante, the man tried to forcibly kiss him whilst trying to hug him, but he pushed him away forcefully and didn’t allow it to happen. Speaking on Joy FM, Ekow revealed that after one day of shooting, one of the producers followed him to his hotel. “A man hugs me and then his lips are getting close to me…he hugged me tight and brought his lips…I was shocked to the marrow with goosebumps all over me. I’m like ‘please just stay back,” he said. “In the most diplomatic way, I pushed him back. The next day, we got on set and the person didn’t want to come close to me. I finished my scenes and I was out. Until today, I have never been to that country,”  he added.]]>



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