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Elon Musk’s dad, 76, confirms “unplanned” second child with his stepdaughter



Elon Musk’s lusty dad, Errol, has finally revealed he sired a secret second love child with his glamorous stepdaughter, Jana Bezuidenhout.

The Musk patriarch, 76, welcomed the baby girl with Jana, 35, back in 2019 — but only confirmed the news on Wednesday, bragging to the Sun: “The only thing we are on Earth for is to reproduce.”

The two already share a 5-year-old boy, Elliot Rush, born in 2017.

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Errol clearly shares his most famous son’s hearty desire to procreate, with his admission coming just a week after it was revealed Elon fathered two children with an executive  at his artificial intelligence company Neuralink, weeks before his second child with ex-girlfriend Grimes was born.

Errol admitted Jana’s pregnancy was “unplanned” and told the publication that they are no longer living together, citing their 41-year age gap.

“It’s not practical. She’s 35,” Errol declared. “Eventually if I’m still around, she might wind up back with me.”

He added: “Any man who marries a [younger] woman, even if you feel very sprightly, it’s going to be nice for a while, but there’s a big gap … and that gap is going to show itself.”


The Musk family tree is complicated — and is growing more so by the day. Errol has seven children, while Elon has fathered 10 offspring.

Source: NY Post 

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