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Emelia Brobbey sets to release a new banger to ‘shock’ Ghanaians



Emelia Brobbey is keeping to her words of not giving up on her music career until her songs become an anthem in the country. The Ghanaian actress has teamed up with Prince Bright of Buk Bak fame to record a new banger.

This follows the recent viral photos and videos of the actress recording a new song with Wendy Shay titled “Odo Electric”.

The actress was trolled on social media platforms after the release of her then latest music video, “Fa Meko”

The trolls were so intense that several Ghanaians specifically asked the renowned actress to stick to what she does best and stop humiliating herself by adding another profession to her career. But Emelia is telling us she is not giving up.


I’ll never quit making music but i’ll definitely work on my voice – Emelia Brobbey