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Emelia Brobbey’s ex finally speaks!!!


Emelia Brobbey’s ex finally speaks!!!

Emelia-Brobbey-baby-daddyDr. Kofi Adu Boateng, the ex of actress Emelia Brobbey, has finally broken his silence about leaving the mother of his son, his new marriage and more. 

In an exclusive interview with, Dr. Boateng confirmed that indeed he has a son by name Randy with Emelia Brobbey. According to him Emelia will forever remain the mother of his son and as far as he is concern he has no problem with the actress.

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Asked about his recent marriage in May this year, Dr Boateng said “Well as to whether I am married or not and who I am married to, and all those marital issues, I believe that is my private life and I wouldn’t talk about it now”.

He however denied rumours that his first wife made him rich and he now treating her bad.

“All those reports are totally false there is no truth whatsoever in those unfounded rumours. I started on my own from a humble beginning and I have gotten where I am through my own hard work, support from the media and by the grace of God. I want to state on record that I didn’t build any clinic with any woman’s inheritance and I am not treating any woman bad in my life because I am not mean person. It is never true”.

Dr. Boateng also denied allegations that he is not in good terms with his family members “I am the bread winner of my family and I take care of my family so it is never true that I have neglected my family”.

He also disclosed that he never built or renovated a hotel in Kumasi for Emelia Brobbey’s father as some reports have suggested. According to him the said hotel is one of his personal investments and it doesn’t belong to Emelia Brobbey’s father as reported. “I built the hotel in Kumasi with the initial name The End Hotel but I re-branded and later changed the name to Chamber Inn Hotel. It is my own property”.

He showed a number of documents to to prove ownership of his properties.

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