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Enhancing Your Beauty the Natural Way



“Am I the fairest of them all?” The familiar line from the mythical tale of Snow White is relatable to most of us. Perhaps not in the context of the Evil Queen but in the sense that our appearances matter to us.

Since the era of Cleopatra to today’s Naomi Campbell, women have sought cosmetic products to better their beauty. Modern cosmetology has thus become a giant industry. The demand in the market is high. Firms rely on innovative solutions such as those provided by a reliable mixer manufacturer to churn sufficient supply.

However, studies have shown the adverse effects of some ingredients used in beauty products. They have been proven to cause diseases like cancer and allergic reactions. Due to this, natural alternatives to achieve beauty have become a necessity.

Your substitutes could include:


Water Intake

We would all be millionaires if we had a dime for every time we have heard the recommendation to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Some days we achieve it but the truth is, we often get busy and forget to. This might explain why all the moisturizer brands you have been buying are not working.

Water is how cells get hydrated and how your body system flushes itself clean. Oils and lotions are topical applications. They are only applied externally to the skin and can only achieve so much if the cells beneath it are dehydrated. One may, therefore, suffer from dull skin, zits, and a general drab fatigued look as a result.

Before looking for more manufactured products as a solution, try hydrating your system first. Water intake does not have to be a boring regimented affair. Simpler ways to keep your intake in check include:

  • Eating fruits with high water content e.g watermelon
  • Have a bottle to tag along with your own supply
  • Infuse your water with fruit to liven up the taste if necessary
  • Have a drinking glass with every meal

Dietary choices

Often, we make reference to ourselves as living in the ‘microwave’ generation. Quick and easy meals are convenient in the busy schedules we keep. Are we being mindful enough of the fact that our bodies require a balanced diet?


Size and body-weight are at the heart of how we perceive beauty. Though it may be a triggering subject, what we eat plays a role in what we weigh. Some people desire to be leaner while others would not mind gaining a pound or two. Either way, imbalanced and unhealthy consumption could be the hindrance to achieving your desired look.

The human body responds in kind depending on what you put into it. Granted, we do not all have the same kind of metabolic systems. We react differently to what we consume. The key is to listen and observe how your body reacts to what you eat.


Remember that workout regimen that you so carefully crafted once upon a time? It might just be time to rethink it or if you enjoyed it, get back to it. Whenever life gets busy, one of the first things that fall by the wayside is recreation.

As the word suggests, recreation brings the body into a new state of being. Getting your heart pumping and muscles limber is important. It leads to the release of pheromones into your bloodstream; you will feel good and look better.


Exercise is the equivalent of playtime for adults so go ahead and make it fun and relaxing depending on what you need. If you are having difficulty imagining yourself on the treadmill, choose an activity that works for you. Yoga, swimming, boxing among others are all solid choices to consider.


Circadian rhythms and bedtimes should not be limited to children. They are suitable for all ages. 

Erratic sleeping patterns and dark circles under your eyes are not unrelated occurrences. Your body is trying to remind you that you are not resting well. Eye creams and makeup may cover the dark circles only temporarily. But would it not be cheaper and healthier to simply give your body what it needs? 

Something equally important to consider is that sleep is not the only kind of rest there is. Relaxation in any form benefits the body. Others include:

  • Quiet times when one unplugs from daily pressures
  • Leisurely walks
  • Massages

Choice of Products

It would be pretentious to say that we can all live without self-care products. Should we all be willing to ban chapsticks and throw our hair conditioners out the window? There isn’t an amount of fruit one could eat that would make soap unnecessary. The truth is, not all products are harmful. The middle ground between these two realities is making informed choices.

Glossy advertisements will do their best to sway you into a purchase with the promise of miraculous transformation. The sale deals will remain attractive to a fault. But, what are they made of? Assuming we all took to scrutinizing the ingredients, it is unlikely we could fully tell each harmful one apart.

In light of this, discerned buying becomes the last line of defense. You, the consumer, reserve the right of choice. There are products in the market that are solely dependent on safe natural ingredients. They may be the best compromise there is.


We all want to present our best selves to the world. That is the reason why we invest in meticulously chosen outfits and fragrant scents. All that notwithstanding, it is futile if we do not tend to the bodies we adorn.


Lately, everything has a sleek modern solution. For every part of your body that you feel discontent with, there is probably a cosmetic surgery that could fix it. We can not demonize or discredit these procedures that have changed many lives for the better. But what if, for the sake of our health and future lives, we put some effort into the natural solutions?

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