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Equity Seed Funding Call / Private Placement / Crowdfunding Investment Campaign – Heuros Prestige Company Limited (HPCL)



Heuros Prestige Company Limited is seeking equity funding, aiming at raising a minimum of USD 50,000,000(fifty million US dollars), equivalent to GHS293,250,000(two hundred and ninety three million, two hundred and fifty thousand Ghana cedis) in seed fund for the commencement of its global industrial projects. 

Heuros Prestige Company Limited – is an independent conglomerate focused on diverse industrial sectors and developments which will provide long term shareholder value, last generations with proven sustainable income, also making global impact. The goal of Heuros Prestige is to power and steer investments in various industry sectors. In other words, to pull seed funds, build, develop and hold assets/equity in these strategic industrial ventures together with our investors (private investors/financiers, corporate investors/financiers, angel investors, private individuals, business persons, venture capitalists), and many more.

Mr. Emmanuel Adu, Founder and Chairman of the board at Capgrove Group Limited and Heuros Prestige Company Limited has revealed that his vision is to steer global industrial investments and developments of enterprises emerging from its origin. He believes that it is time for enterprises built especially from Africa to compete in foreign markets and economies. He believes this is possible, he has found a way to do this, but, he also stated that he cannot embark on this journey alone, hence stating that an allocation of 60% of Heuros Prestige Company Limited amounting 60,000,000(sixty million) units of shares are available for sale to investors around the globe in exchange for equity ownership. This seed funding call is to power the next phase of the growth of its industrial investments and projects.  Industries of interest to them are; Real Estate, Housing, Hospitality, Media/Arts, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Recreation, Career Management, Food, Franchise, Mining and Jewelry, Aviation, Finance, Cosmetics, Petroleum and Power, Automobile, Healthcare and Robotics industries. 

“There is a better way for enterprises built in and from its origin to emerge into foreign markets. I welcome all prospective investors and stakeholders to join us in the quest for global recognition and influence in the world of business and investments, by deploying patient capital, investing in sectors that provide high financial returns, growing in diversity and profitability. Invest with us today as we embark on an unending journey to the pinnacle of global business operations and investments, together with you”. – Emmanuel Adu (Chairman)

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*1$=5.86 GHS(conversion rate March 13, 8:59 pm UTC)*