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Essential Equipment For A Hardcore Bike Enthusiast



If you’re a true motorbike enthusiast, then you can relate to the fact that it means much more than just a mode of transportation and a way to look ‘cool’. It runs much deeper than that. For a true biker, their motorbike is almost like their baby. They cherish it and make sure that they understand every single detail of its mechanics and how it works, so that if something goes wrong, they’re able to take care of it themselves rather than having to depend on a mechanic. You’ll also find that they may have a hard time letting random people or mechanics deal with their bikes because they’re so attached to them.

If you’re becoming just as attached to your motorcycle and understand its true value, then it’s important that you know what essential tools you will need in order to be able to maintain it and even fix it when the need arises.


Having a jack is essential because if you even need to fix something in the bike or to check the oil, for instance, it’s always better and much more accessible if it’s hoisted on a motorcycle jack. When you’re going to purchase one though, make sure that you clarify what kind of bike you have, because there are some that may be appropriate for a Harley, but is not appropriate for other models. Simply because their designs can be completely different, and therefore would lift bikes on a specific angle that is made for other brands. 


Lubricating the cables are crucial from time to time because you don’t want them to become sticky and they will last much longer if lubricated regularly. The best way to do this is to invest in a cable luber. It’s a small item that hugs the cable and can be fastened to your liking so that you can get the lube in and roll it across the cable to ensure that it has been spread evenly. 


You use this pan to spare you from making a mess on the road or floor when you’re changing the oil from your bike. This is something that many bike enthusiasts prefer to do on their own because it’s actually not such a complex process, but you need to stay clean though! Placing the pan properly so that it catches all the oil released saves you from having to do any clean up jobs once you’re done.


There are going to be instances where you will need to remove the wheel, and this is where the axle tool comes in handy. The motorcycle allen tool in particular is an ingenious invention because it was designed specifically to deal with motorcycle specs of all kinds, all put into one handy tool that’s easy to carry and store.


The multimeter is an essential piece of equipment when it comes to motorcycle maintenance. It is a tool that is used to troubleshoot the bikes electrical system, from the battery to the regulator and also to check if the main fuse may have gone bust. It tests out the voltage and continuity to ensure that all is well, and if it isn’t, then you need to make sure that you tend to the problem otherwise the motorcycle will not run efficiently, or at all in some cases.


Just because you might have some old screwdrivers lying around in your garage, it doesn’t mean that they’re suitable for your bike. You should invest in a proper set of screwdrivers  that are of good quality because you want to be able to utilize them with ease on your bike, and the only way you’ll be able to do that is if you have screwdrivers that are made of strong metal. If you’re an enthusiast, then you’ll know how essential having a set of screwdrivers will be. 


Socket wrenches are important because they allow you to release and tighten the sockets found on a bike in case you need to. The torque wrench is just as crucial to have because it allows you to get to those hard to reach places within the body of your bike. It’s advisable that you keep a medium and small range torque wrench so that you have all possible options. 


The pliers cannot be done without! They allow you to maneuver through the intricate web within the motorbike body by holding back wires so you have easy reach. If you’re a hardcore biker then you’re the type who really likes to get in deep and figure out how to fix and take apart every single inch of your bike, and you cannot do that without a trusty, strong pair of pliers.


Many of the new models of bikes will require that you have these types of screwdrivers because there’s really no other way to reach them and get them released of tightened correctly, the most popular and important being the L-shaped because it allows you to get into those hard to reach spots.


There’s nothing more dangerous than hitting the road with deflated tires, and this is why it’s so imperative to have a pressure gauge on you. You need to check on your tires regularly to see if the pressure is set at the right spot so that you are safe when you ride out. 


You’ll never really be able to get down and dirty and get into the details of the bike if you don’t have a proper set of gloves on you. Get yourself a pair of mechanical gloves in case you’re going to have to touch a heated part of the bike, and also invest in a pair of nitrile gloves so that you’re maneuvering through the grease comfortably.

The items mentioned above are extremely important for you to have if you’re really into your motorcycle and want to be able to take care of it entirely on your own as well as learn about how it functions from A to Z. And it is advisable that you get your hands dirty because this is the only way that you can enjoy the motorbiking experience entirely.