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Exclusive #BBAhotshots interview: Lilian, Sabina and Esther talk about eviction of only women, strong contenders and more

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Exclusive #BBAhotshots interview: Lilian, Sabina and Esther talk about eviction of only women, strong contenders and more

esther-lillian-sabinaOn Monday I caught up yet again with evicted Big Brother Hotshots housemates. Last Sunday, saw Nigeria’s Lilian, Uganda’s Esther and Kenya’s Sabina being kicked out of the Big Brother house with some shocks not only for viewers but the evictees themselves. It was a day after eviction and the reality and disappointment had sank in when I caught up with the trio on phone. Check out what they had to say.

Nigeria’s overly bubbly twerking machine, Lilian was first to answer my questions and she started with her comment on what she termed a shocking exit because she felt she did more than enough to entertain Africa. ” I think I will say I was shocked; the thing is I don’t know what Africa actually wants. Apart from Tayo and Shiellah, I don’t know who else would be entertaining to watch. I think I’m shocked, maybe at the end of the day, they find me as a huge competition.”
If you thought Lillian’s larger than life personality was just for the cameras, you would be wrong. She said: ” I don’t see myself as been bubbly or just in the face of people. For me, everything I did there in the BBA House was just to chill. I was doing my own thing, twerking and just trying to be happy. Those things that I did in the House was not my ways, neither was it my style, I was just trying to have fun.”

So since the world just found out that Jessica Vanessa makes 100,000usd a year from twerking online, I asked if Lillian could consider twerking as a career since she does it so well. ” No I won’t. It’s just something I do to make myself as well as people around me happy. I’m an actress, a model and I started my own talk show just before I entered the House. So when I get back home, I will just focus on that and make sure I make it an international talk show.”
She spoke more on the talk show: ” The aim of the talk show is to help upcoming talents to get closer
to achieving their dreams and give them the platform to develop their talents and that’s what I will focus on when I go back home. Ameyaw, Africa should expect content from me, Africa should expect
inspiration. I will be an inspiration to the youth. I’m gonna help them to reach their potentials in my own little way.”

Kenya’s Sabina who said during Sunday’s eviction show that she thought there could be another house somewhere seems to have grabbed the full reality of her exit. She talked about how her housemates took her exit from the house. ” Oh, I didn’t even notice that people were crying, I just remember people were holding me but all-in-all, I felt the love. But then, they were the same person who nominated me. It’s a competition and that’s the end of the road for me in that House. I’m okay and also it’s just a game, life goes on for me. It’s sad though that I left the house but then I’m very happy that I had the chance to represent my country and be there for two weeks.”

So I had to ask why she thought she was evicted; was it the nature of multiple evictions this season or did she not impress Africa enough? ” I come from Africa and of course I could have done more but then I
showed the basic things, just everything about myself to Africa. I showed that I’m a hard worker, that I’m a mother, that I’m funny, I’m fun to be with, I’m smart, I’m intelligent. In terms of housemates, I think in the beginning, I wasn’t close to a lot of people in the house, and so some had a different perception about me but later I started to open up. But then I wasn’t able to know everything as much as I could but I think I’ve gotten some basic things to carry me forward in life. To my housemates, I love them and I’m glad I shared experiences with them. I will definitely miss them.”

What do you think Sabina would miss most? She hinted: “Of course I will definitely miss being in the house. I will miss Biggie, his voice, the dairy room. I will miss the whole experiences; it’s a once in a lifetime thing to be in that House and also to be there for two weeks with these great people. I will never have the chance to be there, in the same environment – I don’t think so. I can’t just single out one thing I will miss. The two weeks that I’ve been there is the best thing that has happened in my life”

Africa has certainly not heard or seen the last from Sabina. “I will go home and go back to all the things that I’ve doing before entered the house. For me, it was more liberating for me to chase my
dream, show myself and let myself shine”, she concluded.

Uganda’s Esther surely doesn’t hide her feeling. On how she is doing after the BBA boot, ” I’m good. It feels bad for me! if it has happened to another person, he or she would feel bad too. But whatever that has happened, has happened. This is what Africa has decided and it doesn’t change the fact that I was being real.”

So why is Africa only kicking out the girls? Esther tried to explain: ” For me, I don’t think it’s about sex that is male or female. I think Africa is playing this technical  trick; they wants to eliminate strongest
characters first and then make younger people win but then I don’t blame them”

And who does she consider strong characters and possible winners for BBA Hotshots? She believed “Tayo, may be Ellah and Shiellah but top is Tayo”

Has Africa seen the last of Esther? Certainly not! Here’s what she wasn’t Africa to expect: ” A lot. Africa should expect a lot from me, I am going out there to start recording my rap. I didn’t I don’t think I can also rap but being in the house has boosted my confidence to rap. I’m going to go out there and will grab every opportunity that will come my way with my both arms.”

so who would i interview next week? Remember to vote for your favourite housemate (yes M’am bea of course ). Up for eviction this week are Alusa, Ellah, JJ, Laveda, M’am Bea, Macky2, and Permithias

 (thanks to Amekor Evershed for the voice transcription rock!!)

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