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Expand your Creativity with a Writing Routine



Expand your Creativity with a Writing Routine
Expand your Creativity with a Writing Routine

We often think of writing as something of a chore. It’s something we think we do when we must, not usually when we want to. Writing is so much more than that; we should look at as more than just a necessity because it helps us in a multitude of different ways.

Exercise your Creativity

Creativity is like a muscle, it needs to be stretched and exercised continuously in order to grow stronger. Those who have a creative exercise routine tend to find it much easier to think more creatively in work, in writing and in their everyday lives. Different routines work better for different people, so the important thing is to find something that works for you. That could be anything from keeping a journal, to writing articles, to responding to writing prompts.

Sharing Boosts Confidence

It doesn’t need to stop there though. We are lucky enough to have the world at our fingertips so, why not take advantage of that and share your writing with others? This can help to boost your confidence and you may also receive some helpful pointers while you’re at it.


You may worry that you’re not a confident writer but, think about it, you write nearly every single day. A text message, a shopping list, Googling something, you probably did these things today without even thinking about them. The important thing to remember is that you don’t need to force it. Your topics don’t need to be complex, if you can’t think of anything just write about your day.

When is the Best Time to Write

Studies have shown that our creativity flows best when we first wake up. Your subconscious has been busy wandering through your dreams and has imagination to spare. This makes it one of the best times to write. Make use of that inspiration that has built up over night. Write about whatever comes to mind and you will have begun your first creative workout. Once it becomes a habit it will become easier and the words will flow smoothly.

How a Routine Helps You


Our brains love routines, we like to know what to expect and your writing can help with that. Not only can you make it a part of your routine, but it can help to prepare you for the rest of your day too. Got a big project coming up that’s been playing on your mind all night? Write about it. According to Sharon Ladd, editor at Draftbeyondand Writinity: “Writing helps us to focus and solidifies ideas in our minds. When we write about something such as a project or a topic that we’re not certain on, it provides us with a deeper understanding that can be bolstered by research.”

Writing Improves Memory

Putting things down on paper helps us to remember them better. Think of your shopping list, you can check it to remind yourself what’s there, but by writing it down we’ve also concreted those thoughts in our heads. Exercising our creative muscles also supports other parts of our brains such as memory. Especially as we get older, memory can sometimes let us down, so surely, we should do everything we can to improve it?

Make Writing a Good Habit


“Writing every day doesn’t need to take long and it doesn’t need to be a chore.  Each time you write you will increase your creative strength and improve your clarity,” says James Nunez, experienced copywriter at Last Minute Writingand Researchpapaersuk. Exercise your imagination every morning and it won’t take long for it become a routine for you. What’s not to love about a habit that helps? Every single word you write is an accomplishment and whether you chose to keep your writing to yourself or to share it, be proud of your creation. Remember that your writing isn’t work, it’s exercise – just not the kind you need to go to the gym for! You don’t need any specialist equipment or an instructor. All you need is a pen, paper and your imagination.

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