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Experience the new oraimo FreePods 3 and enjoy true sound in Ghana



oraimo has over the years delivered up to expectations when it comes to the manufacturing of smartphone accessories in Ghana. With the introduction of state-of-the-art designs and innovations in their entire manufacturing process, customers are always assured of nothing but the best final product.

Currently, oraimo has a global presence in over 50 countries, 100 million pcs sold, and over 4 million fans on Facebook. All this was achieved as a result of their hard work and global contribution to the production of smartphone accessories.

Recently added to the oraimo list of accessories is the oraimo FreePods 3 which is already making waves. Many will argue that there are several earbud alternatives on the market but after reading this article, you will agree with me that the new oraimo FreePods 3 is your best choice.

oraimo FreePods 3 is the third of its kind in the FreePods series and as a result, it comes with several amazing features that supersede its predecessors in the series. It has a clear voice in-call feature called ENC, or Environmental Noise Cancellation,which is made possible because of the 4-mic beamforming technology to track and provide high-quality sound.

In terms of the power and battery, the earbuds have a 45mAh battery capacity which gives up to 8 hours of playtime and the case has a 500mAh battery capacity which gives additional 28 hours of playtime for the earbuds.


As a Bluetooth 5.2 powered earbud, the FreePods 3 transmits clear and simultaneous sound to both the left and the right earbuds and also comes with three (3) ear tips to match the different sizes of ears we have.

For an earbud with all these features, it is pretty surprising that it comes at a very affordable price compared to some of the other earbuds which don’t even match up to these features and specs. This way, both the average Ghanaian minimum and medium-income earners can also have a feel of the oraimo FreePods 3.

One Pair, Two Different Fits

The FreePods 3 is a two-in-one earbud that comes with unique features as compared to some of the other brands already in existence. It has two (2) different Smart Modes in each pair, i.e., Bass mode and Awareness mode. The Bass Mode is designed to block out ambient noise and stop the leakage of air to boost the bass in your earbuds when it is in use.

The Awareness Mode on the other hand will help you to adapt to your surroundings. Therefore, you can still listen to music and will be aware of the surrounding sound. Listening to some hot Ghanaian afrobeat music with your FreePods 3 in your morning ride to work will sound as if the musician was standing next to you, regardless of the noise in the street or on the road.

Simultaneous, Low Latency


The FreePods 3 is powered by a Bluetooth 5.2 chip which makes sure the sound is transmitted to both earbuds simultaneously for a stable connection and impeccable sound experience. The low audio latency and the 10m range make gaming or video viewing more enjoyable and vivid.

Clear Voice in Calls Like Face-To-Face Conversation

There is nothing more annoying than not hearing what someone is saying on a Zoom call or even a normal voice call, it’s even more annoying when the issue is coming from your end. As a result, the FreePods 3 comes with a 4-mic beamforming technology to track and provide high-quality voice signals.

The AI Deep Neural Network algorithm is then used to reduce the surrounding noise to keep the clearest sound possible. This way, you can join all your Zoom meetings, voice calls, or any other meeting with your voice crystal clear to the caller on the other end.


When you are the one delivering the message or facilitating the meeting, there is no need to worry about how you sound. With the Environmental Noise Cancellation feature in the FreePods 3, your background noise is kept at its minimum to help you make the most out of your meeting.

Incredibly Powerful Bass Power To Amaze You With 3-size Eartips

Aside from the two smart modes, i.e. the Awareness mode and the Bass Mode, each of the earbuds is equipped with a 13mm high sensitive driver. This empowers the FreePods 3’s function of giving you dynamic audio, incredibly powerful bass, and reproduces every music detail as intended by the artist or composer of the song.

Also found in the box are three (3) different silicone tips which come in different sizes. To help you get the most out of the powerful bass power, you can try out each of the three (3) tips to find the right size for your ear.


More Sweat? No Fear!

One of the people who actively use the FreePods are people who work out or go for runs and if you know someone like that, then you know they sweat a lot. But with the introduction of IPX5 Waterproof, the FreePods 3 is both sweat and waterproof.

No matter how much you sweat or the weather condition you use your FreePods 3 in, you are good to go. Thus, athletes, trainers, and unregular athletes will find this earbud very useful and beneficial.

Intuitive Touch Sensor


Each of the earbuds has a touch sensor built-in at the upper back area which could be used to control music, calls, and access voice assistant. Instead of using your phone whenever you want to make a command, you can easily do so with the intuitive touch sensor at the back of the earbud.

For the right earbud, you can double-tap to play/pause music or answer/end calls and you can press twice and hold for 1.5s for the next track. Likewise, for the left earbud, you can double-tap to play/pause music or answer/end call and you can double-press and hold for 1.5s for the last track.

Long-Lasting Battery And an Even More Powerful Charging Case With Ergonomic Charging Port

Since audio is a big part of your life, the FreePods 3 provides up to 8 hours of listening on a single charge. The compact charge case also provides 28 more hours of listening time to make a total of 36 hours of playing time. With one charge of the case, you can use your earbuds for one and a half days (36 hours) without worrying about charging.


Unlike most of the other earbuds, the FreePods 3’s charging case has a type-C charging port which is more reliable and flexible. With type-C, you can comfortably plug in your charger without worrying about which side is correct or not.

Reasons Why You Should Use The oraimo FreePods 3

After reading through this article, the final decision will be on whether to buy the FreePods 3 or not. Below are some of the reasons for why you should buy the FreePods 3.

∙         It is affordable as compared to other brands with less or equal features and specs


∙         It is IPX5 water and sweatproof which makes it good for all weather conditions

∙         It is dust resistant making it good for riding in sand and not worrying about it getting dirty

∙         It has longer battery life for both the earbuds and the charging case

∙         It comes with three (3) different silicone ear tips to meet the varying needs of users, etc


These and many others are the reasons why you should go ahead and purchase the FreePods 3 in Ghana.

What Are The Compatible Devices?

Since the oraimo FreePods 3 have a Bluetooth  5.2 chip, it is compatible with all devices that support Bluetooth 5.2. Whether it is an iPhone, Samsung, Tecno, Infinix,  PC, laptop, etc. so far as it supports BT 5.2, you can use it with the oraimo FreePods 3.




The FreePods 3 is currently available at all oraimo Accessories Shops across the country. You can enjoy the massive discounts on the official e- shop ( ). You can also follow @oraimoGhana on all their social media platforms to know more and win giveaways!


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