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Explore Kwadwo Peprah’s artistry in “Nhwiren F3f3, Nhwiren A Ewu” solo art exhibition



Ghanaian contemporary artist Kwadwo Peprah, born in Kumasi is known for his exploration of symmetry and repetition, drawing inspiration from abstract expressionism.

His art, a continuous interplay of lines and shapes, serves as a profound expression of his inner dreams, thoughts, and emotions. Peprah delves into the complexities of both individual and societal levels, reinterpreting elements of his culture, identity, proverbs, and language in his work.

Currently residing and working in Accra and Kumasi, Peprah, an alum of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, graduated with a Fine Arts degree. His solo exhibition, ‘Nhwiren F3f3, Nhwiren A Ewu,’ opened on December 22, 2023, at The Noldor Residency in La, Accra.


In this showcase, Peprah utilizes traditional masks to weave intricate patterns, akin to visual music, with the purpose of preserving fading cultural elements.


An innovative touch to his art involves integrating ephemeral flowers, juxtaposing their transient beauty with the enduring essence of culture. This harmonious blend represents Peprah’s artistic pursuit of safeguarding heritage for future generations. The exhibition, titled ‘Nhwiren F3f3, Nhwiren A Ewu,’ is on display until February 6th.


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