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Exposing John Dumelo’s ‘wife’ !!!


Exposing John Dumelo’s ‘wife’ !!!

john dumelo and wifeIf you are looking for an article that would deny or confirm Ghanaian star actor, John Dumelo’s alleged marriage to US-based ‘actress’ and nurse, Harrina Alexander, then this isn’t the one.

This is merely a character assessment of Harrina, from the time I broke the story to now – which in my book paints her as a chronic liar and an attention seeker. Well, and also perhaps to go easy on my conscience for starting this whole wahala, though I’m sure that if I hadn’t publish it first, someone else would.

I felt the evidence of the ‘marriage certificate’ was good enough to break the story and that’s why I did in the first place. I don’t think John’s explanation of the marriage certificate make absolute sense but I will give him the benefit of doubt and wait to see the documentary he claims led to this whole caboodle. And I would also throw a challenge to Harinna to go beyond just her claims that John is her husband and provide us more proof.

Though not absolutely logical, I think that for someone who is clearly happy to be married to John Dumelo, I find it hard to believe that the only picture of Harrina and John together is one from a club event (taken by the organizers of the event for their galleries, it can easily pass for a photo of John with a fan in one of those US clubs) – what happened to wedding photos, and all those other memorable moments in between?  The moments that clearly made Harrina love John so much, as she claims.

I had decided not to write about the issue again until I saw the video of a ‘mock’ interview posted online. The video came off to me as though Harrina had gotten her brother to record her sitting in front of her makeup drawer with a camera phone. The line of questioning looked too rehearsed, which made me conclude that she must be enjoying her relevance now in the spotlight. This therefore led me to write this article so that hopefully, people would know what kind of character I have come to know Harrina to be.

john 1

I received an email with the heading ‘Pic and proof of john dumelo new wife in USA’ from one Harrina Alexander . I did not even take notice of the name and went ahead to read the body of the message which was as follows:

“Hello my name is Sasha I am a friend of the wife of John dumelo. She does not know I am letting the news of her marriage out and she would kill me if she finds out. But I don’t see why it should be a secret. She does not want me to tell anyone. But why should a marriage be kept secret.

Here are some pics of her and John and I manage to take of pic of the license. I know this might not be right but I don’t like that she is hiding it. She is a model/ actress also a nurse in the US.. She is an awesome lady we have been friends for 8 yrs”

Also attached were photos including one of John and the said wife, as well as a photo of their marriage certificate. Convinced that there could be some truth in the story, I published the pictures and the marriage certificate for those who may be interested in finding the marital status of John Dumelo, since according to my site analytics, it is among the most searched subjects. Well, for some reason I thought it could pass as a joke and I went ahead to publish.

After publishing the article I sent the link as a broadcast on my BlackBerry Messengers to by contacts, which includes john Dumelo. Upon seeing it, John who was then in the USA called me to ask why I had done such a story without contacting him, and he explained that it wasn’t true and that the certificate was faked for his upcoming documentary on his J.Melo fashion line. He said he was driving and that, he would send me a voice note to explain further. But I was having network issues and so I never received his voice note.

A few hours after the publication, ‘ the real’ Harrina Alexander was on my blog denying the publication via the facebook commenting window .  She wrote:

“It’s funny how media hype things up.. I am not married to this guy. We did a movie together. But I don’t even know how they spelled my name on this fake stuff…”

The comments she left on the blog were automatically replicated on her facebook wall and soon other websites and blogs published that she had denied marrying John via her facebook. So I became interested to find out more, and well prove that I don’t do mediocre blogging (HAHAHA).

I went back to the email I received to check the address and use that to search on facebook to see if I would find the actual person who sent me the email (since ‘everyone’ is on facebook nowadays).  I keyed in the email address and surprisingly the same facebook user that had denied the story popped up. Interesting right?

Since I have reached my facebook friend limit I couldn’t send her a request so I decided to follow her instead. Once she noted that I was following her, she followed back and immediately left a comment on my wall saying, “All lies I must say, thanks for the fake story about me and John.”john dumelo and harrina alexander (1)

I probed further and we started talking on my wall (publicly) about the details of the incident. She explained that the certificate was fake, and it was meant for a movie. Then she played smart by asking me how I got the certificate. I told her someone sent me an email with an email that starts with ‘sexycoco1987’ and immediately she answered that, that was an email for her friend.  Then I said to her “when u search for sexycoco1987 on facebook, guess who pops up”.

john dumelo and harrina alexander (2)

Knowing that I was on to her and that our conversation was public, she asked me to rather speak to her in private via facebook messaging. When we went private, she asked me to delete our conversations from my wall, which I did but not after I had grabbed my screenshots.

She immediately changed her story to say that, she was indeed married to John Dumelo but had to deny the story because Jihn was not happy.  This forced me to write another article titled, More Confusion: John Dumelo says marriage is fake, alleged wife speaks out to confirm marriage

john dumelo and harrina alexander (1)

Later, John finally spoke to Peace FM about the whole story and denied being married. So I published that story together with comments that Harrina had made to me on facebook regarding John  being a cheat and that she was going to divorce him. The article was titled, Twisted Tale: John Dumelo opens up about secret marriage and alleged wife calls for divorce!!!

But it seemed that Harrina wasn’t happy that I published screenshots of our conversation and so she asked me to stop publishing her comments, and she made her facebook inactive to me. I figured that she had realized I wasn’t to be pawned and so she stopped talking to me and started talking to other reporters who wanted to grant her more audience.

Obviously the story has evolved since, with very twisted tales along the way. I don’t know how other reporters or bloggers deal with Harrina, but from my initial dealings with her, I have come to conclude that she is not trustworthy; she can be cunning and would do anything to get some attention. Whether she is married to John Dumelo or not, I don’t know but my advice to her is that if her husband can deny her to this extent, then there is no need staying married to him. She should go ahead and give John Dumelo the divorce she talked about previously so we can have our peace of mind. Simplistic, yes I know! You make up your own minds on her. Cheers!!!


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