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Facebook mocks Abeiku Santana for claiming he founded 'TroTro Diaries'



Yaw Odoom, the Founder of TroTro Diaries seems unhappy with claims by famous radio and TV personality, Abeiku Santana, suggesting that he founded the popular Facebook community for sharing experiences in Ghana’s popular public transport system. In an interview with Dentaa, Abeiku Santana said “I board trotro from Spintex Road all the way to Mallam Junction or Circle. We have come up with a group on Facebook called Trotro Diaries, and we share with people information on what is going on in Trotro, and that is also a way of getting information from the people” Yaw Odoom, the Founder of TroTro Diaries posted excerpts from the interview on Facebook and wrote: ” When you are the founder of TroTro Diaries but have no clue what he is talking about. Because he was in no way involved in coming up with it…” Facebook users and friends of Yaw Odoom in a series of comments and memes mocked Abeiku Santana for his claims.]]>


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