Facebook, WordPress, The US Embassy supports Hackathon , February 20


hackathonThe most talented and ambitious entrepreneurs in West Africa are being encouraged to join a new hackathon program this month in Accra, Ghana, which hopes to spin out a wave of new tech startups geared to African needs. The Hack for Big Choices is a non-profit which hopes to impact the fast-developing West African economies by helping to create what it calls ‘sustainable start-ups’. Led by entrepreneur Aurora Chisté, the project has come at a pivotal time for the region.

On February 20th Ghanaians will get their chance. Enter The Biggest Hackathon ever to hit West Africa , supported by WordPress and Facebooks Internet.org an initiative with the goal of making affordable internet access available to the two thirds of the world who are not yet connected . The event is organized by the Silicon Valley based nonprofit

Students, young entrepreneurs, local business leaders and politicians, all sharing the same space, 24 hours a day for one weekend…the clock will be ticking and testing their level of cooperation, ambition, and innovation as they work together to come up with solutions to some of the biggest social issues that face West Africa. The event is growing to epic proportions, with new support and partners coming on board every day.

Two judges from the US Broadcasting Board of Governors ( http://www.bbg.gov/ ) are flying in to help judge the hackathon and they would be happy to provide a quote for use in your article. In attendance will be professors from local universities, and representatives from the US embassy, Facebook, and WordPress, serving as resources for local developers.

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