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Lady who called Selly Galley barren used to call me a flat ass- Salma Mumin reveals



Hewewaa Piesie, the follower on social media who called Selly Galley barren has turned out to be a notorious troll.

Yesterday, Hewewaa came under attack after she called Selly Galley Barren. Aside from the curses Selly rained on her, fans and lovers of Selly Galley rallied behind and made sure Hewewaa felt the heat.

Hewewaa has since come out to apologise frantically to Selly.

Reacting to the news, fellow actress, Salma Mumin has revealed that Hewewaa is a known troll who used to call her “flat ass.”

“Same girl who used to consistently call me fast ASS.”

See screenshot of her comment below:


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