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Factors That Have A Direct Effect On The Cost Of A Life Insurance Policy



Life insurance is a necessity but at the same time, it also demands a recurring expense in the form of premiums. However, there is a solution to this predicament. All one would have to do is find ways to lower the premium of their life insurance policy.


Well, certain factors have a direct effect on the cost of a life insurance policy.

Some of those factors are mentioned below.


Age Of The Policyholder

The premium of a life insurance policy can be steep if the applicant is above the age of 40. The premium of a life insurance policy will go up at a rate of approximately 10% with each passing year of the applicant who has celebrated their 40th birthday. Furthermore, the medical exams for elderly insurance policy applicants are more stringent. On the other hand, the medical exams for young life insurance policy applicants are more relaxed.

Hence, to keep insurance policy premiums affordable, people these days tend to apply for life insurance in their young years. As the youth tend to have low health risks, insurance companies tend to consider them as ‘low-risk’ cases. Hence, an insurance company would charge low premiums on policies allotted to young clients.

The Type Of The Insurance Policy

If one has a term life insurance policy then they would have to pay the same premium on their policy. But if one has a whole life insurance policy then the premium for the same would increase as one gets older.

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Overall Lifestyle Of The Policyholder

Insurance companies would keep the premiums on insurance policies awarded to policyholders who tend to lead a ‘risky’ lifestyle.

Here is the enunciation.

One would have to pay steep insurance policy premiums if one has a habit of spending their leisure hours racing cars, diving in the middle of the ocean or scaling mountains.

Professional scuba divers, rock climbers and race car drivers tend to pay steep premiums on their respective life insurance policies. If the person reading this post doesn’t have a ‘high-risk’ lifestyle then they will be paying affordable premiums on their insurance policy.


Overall Driving Record Of The Policyholder

Several revered insurance companies would delve deep into the overall driving records of a person during the underwriting process. The reason is simple. If the relationship manager of the insurance company finds out that there are countless instances of serious traffic violations then the insurance company would increase the premium on the insurance policy. To avoid this, one must ensure that they steer clear of any form of traffic law violations. Most of the time, an insurance company would focus on the last 3 to 5 years of the person applying for life insurance. If one’s driving records for the last 5 years are free from red flags then one will be able to get affordable premiums on their preferred life insurance policy.

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The premiums of a life insurance policy can be kept within one’s financial abilities from the beginning if one tread wisely. To learn more, feel free to consult with a financial advisor.


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