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Fameye warns colleague musicians against ‘evil managers’



Ghanaian rapper and musician, Peter Famiyeh Bozah, known by the stage name Fameye, has asked his colleague musicians to be mindful of the kind of managers they settle to work with to prevent an unfortunate situation or future grudges.

According to him, artistes must be careful of managers who want to be super stars than them, adding that such managers who are devils who come in the form of angels.
The ‘Praise’ hitmaker in a facebook post on August 14, 2023, stated that,

“If you are an artiste and your manager wants to be a super star than you? Be careful, is either you signed a wrong deal or a Devil came in a form of an angel”


The rapper’s statement comes in the wake of the perceived bitter turned relationships between some musicans and their managers which have become a subject of discussion in recent times.

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