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alex amevor and ameyaw debrahAlex Amewor, the young man who got on stage to imitate Stonebwoy’s limp during a performance at the launch of Live FM has apologised for the incident which according to him was not meant to insult of disrespect the artist. I met Alex and took a photo with him and left the venue before the incident. He reached out to me to send his apology to Stonebwoy and Ghanaians for his behaviour as follows:


Hello AmeyawDebrah my name is Amewor Alex am the guy who went on stage to imitate stonebwoy while he was performing at the livefm launch. I would like to use your platform to apologize to every Ghanaian especially to Bhim nation and the Livefm radio station and it live nation.

The act I put out ther e looked very disrespectful and I regret my actions. But honestly what I did there,that is trying to dance and walk like stonebwoy was not meant to mock or disrespect him. I did that out of my love for his personality and out of excitement.

Am so sorry for my actions. even though am not in a very serious problem yet,would like to tell my fellow Ghanaians dat it not a good thing to do.. Nobody should do that because, Our entertainment industry is still growing and such acts is not cool for the out side world. I apologized to him and his crew right after they leaving de show so y’all cursing me should stop. I have also had an accident before. I know how it feels. Thanks.