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Feature: Osu Homowo Festival: Embracing ‘Beauty in TraditionOsu Homowo Festival: Embracing ‘Beauty in Tradition



The vibrant city of Osu came alive on August 29th 2023, as it climaxed the Osu Homowo Festival with a mini durbar at the forecourt of the Osu Mantse Palace.

The Osu Homowo Festival is a cherished tradition of the Ga people in Osu. It is a time when the community comes together to commemorate their history, celebrate their culture, and showcase their accomplishments. The festival, known for its colorful and lively celebrations, serves as a reminder of the resilience and unity of the Ga-Dangme people and how they conquered hunger together as a people. This year’s theme, “Beauty in Tradition,” resonated throughout the festival, as it celebrated the intrinsic value of Ga culture, emphasizing that traditions are not relics of the past but living expressions of heritage and identity.

One of the highlights of this year’s festival was the Durbar, a ceremonial gathering that brought together dignitaries, traditional leaders, and the local community. This grand event, which marked the climax of the Homowo festival, was graced by a host of dignitaries, including H.E. Amer Jamil Ghanem Ali Alalawi (UAE Ambassador), H.E. Anne Sophie Ave (French Public Diplomacy Ambassador), Mr Atta Yeboah Gyan (Deputy Managing Director of Fidelity Bank), Nana Kwaku Agyei Yeboah (CEO of the Student Loan Trust Fund), Mr. Will Senyo (CEO of Impact Hub), Mrs Maamle Andrews (Chief Director of Ministry of Education), Nana Sika Afrah Mensah (Deputy Coordinator of Free SHS, Ministry of Education). The event was also graced by traditional leaders including Nakyei Dodi Akai Bi (Paramount Queen Mother of Awutu State), Mama Bobi (Divisional Queen Mother of Asogli State), Nene Pediator (Divisional Chief of Kudragbe in Ada), Asafoatse Kotoko Debrah (Divisional Chief of Kabiawe in Ada) and Klikpa Seitse.


Cultural displays took center stage, providing a captivating insight into the traditions and customs of the Ga people. There were displays from the Osu Obonufoi, Osu Adowafoi, Osu Asafo, Klama dancers from Osuwem and varied number of Cultural groups. These performances told stories of the past, celebrated the present, and looked forward to a promising future, showcasing the “Beauty in Tradition.” A significant part of the Durbar was the recognition and awarding of students who excelled in the annual Osu Homowo Science Fair. These sudents were awarded with laptops, science laboratory equipment and cash to encourage and support their studies. This educational initiative encourages young minds to explore their scientific potential and contribute to the development of their community. The presence of the Chief Director from the Ministry of Education and the CEO of the Student Loan Trust Fund underscored the importance of education in the Ga-Dangme community and Ghana as a whole.

As the event drew to a close, the celebration continued with a feast. Guests and attendees were treated to the traditional Ga meal called “Kpokpoi.” This dish, prepared with care and precision, consists of steamed corn meal and palm nut soup and smoked fish as the main protein.

The Osu Homowo Festival is not just a celebration; it’s a reaffirmation of cultural identity, a testament to the power of education, and a demonstration of the warmth and hospitality of the Ga people. It serves as a bridge between tradition and modernity, reminding everyone of the importance of preserving heritage while embracing progress. The Osu Homowo Festival stands as a testament to the power of cultural celebration to bring people together, educate, and inspire, highlighting the profound “Beauty in Tradition” that connects us all.

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