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FEATURE: The Dilemma Of The Poor And Rich: A Case Of Social Strata Hanging In The Balance Of Wants And Needs



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After the rising toll of deaths and rising sickening of the world from Covid-19 pandemic with no definite cure or vaccine; the world is faced with the universal management thus; social distancing and personal hygiene/protection.

Governments the world over had enacted laws to restrict movements, in Africa and Ghana for that matter, the president had the lockdown of major cities which are noted as epic-centers and as such deployed security personals to ensure the directive is complied with. This has been met with low compliance resulting in reported cases of abuse by the security personnel’s in the country, one is left to wonder!

Why do you think the poor are unwilling to stay at home? Is it because you think they want to die?

Let’s open our understanding and analyze within proper context..

There are two issues now in Africa.

1. Health crises
2. Hunger crises

The rich are afraid of (1)
The poor are afraid of (2)

The rich are pushing the poor to stay at home as they who are rich believe that is what will save the situation and perhaps their ass as well.

The poor are also pushing to survive as they know they may die of hunger and not the virus if they don’t take care.

The rich, it appears, fear the virus and not hunger.

The poor, it seems, fear hunger than the virus.

Each is fighting for his survival, only differently.

Let the rich, if they are really serious push that strategic steps be taken to feed all the poor and constantly, not only once but twice at least.

But if they just keep crying stay at home, the poor may take the desperate mantra to mean-die at home

We are each other’s keeper.
For the poor to stay at home and soundly, what they fear most, which is hunger crises must be well dealt with.
Otherwise they will come out to survive, and that is as well dangerous; for they may eventually be killed by the cruel virus or the abusive bullets of overly aggressive security men.

Let’s be each others keeper in this hard times.
Let the rich stand for the poor in this crises, and together, we shall overcome


Written by Bright Kwaku Anyomi (PhD)