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Feel-good movies to watch



Kicking back on a weekend and having a movie night? Sometimes we would much rather watch a nice light-hearted watch in comparison to watching something like a drama or thriller. Luckily, we are totally spoiled for choice when it comes to movies of this kind of genre, there’s a wide range of options for us to choose from. Although, sometimes choosing can be difficult. To help you out a little, we have listed some for you. Movies like these can create the perfect atmosphere for a cosy night in. Why not order a takeaway, dim the lights, and watch one of these fantastic feel-good movies? Let’s jump straight into the list. The best way for you to experience these brilliant movies would without question be on a large TV, click here for TV wall mounting services!



This brilliant movie starring Channing Tatum is all about the story of a man and his dog. Although, it’s not just any old dog. Lulu is a military dog, whose owner was sadly killed in a car crash. Lulu’s owner is the only person who could control her aggression which leads to the decision to put her down. But first, Jackson (Channing Tatum) an army sergeant, is tasked with bringing lulu across the country to be there in time for her owner’s funeral. During their crazy trip, there is all sorts of chaos. Jackson tries hard to control Lulu but with no success, making for some hilarious moments. Despite this, Jackson soon starts to form a close bond with the dog and starts feeling major doubts about having Lulu euthanized. You might be thinking that this movie sounds similar to the stereotypical dog movie, although we can assure you that this one is definitely worth watching.  Dog is a pretty new movie; it was released in early 2022. We would put this one near the top of the list of best feel-good movies to watch.


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Yes Man

This fantastic movie starring Jim Carrey follows the story of a man called Carl Allen who is pretty unsatisfied with his life, he begins to feel sad more often than not due to feeling like not much is going for him. His friend decides to introduce him to a self-help program, where everyone attending the self-help program is challenged to say yes to everything. Carl begins to abide by this new lifestyle and at first, hates the idea of not having the ability to answer no. Soon, he finds himself at a gas station as a result of running out of gas after saying yes when a homeless man asked him for a ride. At the gas station, he meets a girl who he soon starts a relationship with. Due to this new lifestyle of saying yes to every opportunity actually leading to him finding his girlfriend, he begins to take it a whole lot more seriously. Problems soon start to occur, and it becomes apparent that maybe Carl should learn to say no again. You already know this one is going to be hilarious the second Jim Carrey is mentioned, which is why it’s one of the best feel-good movies to watch.




This iconic Disney animation is known for having one of the saddest scenes we have ever seen, although it’s definitely one of the best feel-good movies to watch! At the beginning of the movie, a man named Carl grows up with his wife, and sadly she passes away. The pair’s dream was to live in paradise falls, so Carl decides that he will complete his wife’s last wish. Although, he doesn’t have many ways to get there. Carl decides to tie his home to thousands of balloons and fly himself there, although to his surprise he has an unplanned passenger named Russell standing on his porch. The pair do their best to make Carl’s wife proud and arrive at Paradise Falls, but things don’t go as smoothly as planned.  This movie is brilliant for all ages so it’s a good one to watch with small children, we don’t doubt that you have already seen this movie because of how famous it is. Maybe it’s a good time to go back and rewatch “up?”


There you have it! That was our shortlist of the best feel-good movies to watch, these movies are bound to cheer you up if you are feeling low! We hope that our list will come in handy, we can assure you that these movies are definitely worth the watch and are brilliant for boosting your mood! Oh, and don’t worry, they all have a happy ending too! Why not give them a try?

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