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Feelings You Get On Graduation Day



Graduating from college and stepping into the real world truly feels overwhelming and surreal. The months leading up to graduation are hard. It is filled with exams, making notes, submitting papers, working overnight, applying for a job, and stressing about everything.

The weeks leading up to graduation are an emotional roller coaster ride for us. It is because we feel so many emotions that we are hardly able to grasp them. We are happy that we are graduating and entering the corporate world. We get happy graduation wishes from parents, friends and cousins which makes us happy. But we are also sad and nervous as we are leaving our college, our friends and our life behind. Even if you are changing cities, you know that things are about to change, and you are anxious about that.

Here are some emotions that all graduates go through and how to navigate them.

1.    Denial

We are in denial that we are in a phase where we have to leave everything we know behind. We have to leave our comfort zone and move forward into a strange new world. We deny admitting these feelings as we are afraid. But acceptance is the only key to moving forward as change is constant, and it is good too.

2.    Anticipation

When you know the date of your graduation ceremony, you can hardly wait for it to come. Thus, the feeling of anticipation is strongest within all graduating students.

We anticipate this day for weeks, and we want it to be perfect and want to celebrate it all loved ones. It is a big milestone and is equivalent to getting married or having kids.

3.    Stress

The last semester of college is stressful, but the graduation day is even more stressful. You keep stressing about your dress, whether your gown would fit you or not, what will happen at the after-party, and so on. Stressing too much can lead to you having cold feet or jitters on the day of graduation. So, calm down, start preparing for it two days prior, and sleep well on the eve of graduation.

4.    Shock

Another emotion that you might go through is shock. You are shocked because the day you have been anticipating for a long is finally here, and you don’t feel prepared. Or you might feel overwhelmed, which can be shocking because you were waiting for this day.

Don’t worry too much if you are prepared, all will go well.

5.    Excitement

One of the best emotions that you might be feeling on your graduating day must of excitement. You are getting your diploma; you are graduating from college and becoming independent. It is your moment, and nothing can hamper your feelings of excitement.

Just make sure that you don’t do silly things in overexcitement, like forget your camera or something like that.

6.    Feeling peace amongst the chaos

Graduation is a pretty chaotic event. It requires so much preparation, and it builds so mysteriously that you are not sure about it until it is here. You have to meet all your family, greet all your friends, don’t forget your hat, and get a diploma without falling. All this makes you feel a little chaotic, but in a good way as you can control it with ease.

The trick is to find the peace that you have finally achieved a big milestone, and you are independent, and everything will fall into place.

7.             Happiness

It is the most obvious emotions. Amongst all the raging emotions, happiness is the most prominent one. You are finally getting a reward for all the hard work that you have put in since your school days. You are taking the first step towards a better future, and that can and must bring a lot of happiness for you.

8.             Sadness

Feeling a little sad on your graduation day is given. You are entering a new phase of your life, and that can take you away from your home, your friends, and your family. It makes you sad that you have to leave a place that gave you so many memories.

9.             Bittersweet

You are happy that you have achieved a big milestone in your life but sad that you will be leaving that place behind. It is a powerful feeling, and you need to keep it in check, otherwise it can overpower you.

Wish you a Happy graduation day! Have fun.