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Finally the Movie ‘ZARZ END’ to Hit Ghana Cinema 20th October



Don Pee Arts and Gallery finally announced the premiere of their blockbuster movie titled ‘Zarz End’ at the Cinema’s in Ghana with the premiere taking place at the Silverbird Cinema on Friday the 20th of October 2023 at 7pm with a follow up screening at 9pm same evening.

The movie Zarz End is an innovative adaptation of a true event that rocked Africa in the month of October 2020 in Africa’s most populous nation of Nigeria and classified for viewers from the age of 15 and upwards by National Film Board of Ghana.

A sneak peak from the movie synopsis reveals that the storyline is about the lead character of the movie named Osas’ and played by Etinosa Idemudia, had her husband killed by a police man after collecting huge sum of money from the family, for bail.


A pregnant and bereaved Osas’ cursed the land in grief and a great upheaval rocked the nation pitting the people against the few corrupt law enforcement officers of the land.

The movie Zarz End embodies a positive message and portrayed how the few bad eggs in the police force were flushed out of the force after their actions led to a revolt by the masses.

With a cast featuring Nollywood icons like Kanayo O Kanayo, Nkem Owoh popurlarly known as Osuofia, Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, Ejike Asiegbu and new media sensations like Etinosa Idemudia, the Billionaire Prince and Emeka Amakeze the movie is expected to thrill the Ghanaian movie goers and rock this year’s Africa box office.

Stay tuned for more details about this intriguing movie that is expected to change Africa’s emerging movie landscape.

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