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Finding an appropriate bird to keep as a pet



Most people think that a bird is not an animal. This is a misguided notion since birds also fall in the classification of cute animalswith backbones. According to statistics, there are at least 16 million pet birds that you can choose from. Let us look at some of the cutest birds that make great companions to keep at home.


The first impression from this cute animal is its beautiful shade of colors. They have green feathers and black bars along their wings. Their forehead contains bar markings, and their eyes have dark irises that leave you glued to the bird. Apart from looking dashing, these little birds amuse people with their funny voices. Their ability to mimic sounds make them fun to rear. Most budgies are 8 inches long and have a lifespan of up to 9 years. They are jovial and enjoy the company of humans. You can get them from a wild bird store.


If you don’t have a lot of space for a bird cage and need a small bird, a cockatiel is an ideal choice. This sweet little bird has a yellow head and horizontal bars that run through their rear parts. The patterns on their feathers are stunning, and their small staring eyes bring out the liveliness in them. You can easily tame this pet as it has a high intelligence level and adapts quickly to people. Though it does not talk, its whistle will make you smile. Your cockatiel will get attached to you within no time as it is very affectionate.



For those who love big bird pets and have lots of time to spare, consider a cockatoo. The wide variety of cockatoos give you numerous choices to select from according to your preference. Some of this include bare-eyed, black palm, citron as well as goffin cockatoos. Don’t choose a cockatoo if you are a newbie in birds keeping. These birds need lots of attention for them not to turn to destructive tendencies. We found a Goffin cockatoo too attractive to resist. This cute animal is smaller than the rest and has salmon-pink feathers around their beak. The body is covered with pure white feathers. It is a smart and energetic bird that brings joy to an owner.

Hyacinth macawsCuddle with this large, glamorous pet bird that is gentle and social. It is among the most prominent birds that are rare to find. The blue color on it covers its entire body leaving some black patches near its wings. Yellow cycling surrounds its big eyes while its beak is black. Most macaws are admirable creatures. You will enjoy bonding with this bird because it is easy going. It is sturdy and learns few tricks very easily. Your bird needs lots of room to play due to its active nature. Finches If you are quite busy but still need a pet bird, purchase two cute finches and only attend to them once in a while. The beauty of these birds lies in their patterns, size as well as structure. Though there are different types of finches, zebra finches are adorable and comfortable to keep. Two zebra finches keep each other company as they make amusing sounds to entertain you. A male zebra finch has orange patches on their cheeks and stripes on the throat. The breast area contains black spots while the rest of the body is white.

Domestic canaryEnjoy the soft melodious songs from these cute animals. Their character and features are appealing to anyone interested in a pet bird. What makes these birds unique, is that they are bred in various colors, sizes as well as song patterns. If you are a newbie in birds-keeping, this is an ideal choice to start with because it does not demand too much efforts to rear it. Most domestic canaries are 8 inches and weigh only 7 ounces. Domestic canaries are brightly colored having vast patches of yellow, white and red. A long lifespan of up to ten years makes a canary an ideal pet.


They say that a dove symbolizes peace. This auspicious bird is a gentle and adds warmth to a surrounding. It is a medium-sized bird that ranges from 8 to 12 inches. Most ring-necked doves have a bright white appearance. Some have tones of brown and grey on some body parts. They have dark eyes and purple feet. Doves form perfect companions for children as they are friendly and calm. These birds have a way of charming their way into the hearts of people and are easily trained to adapt easily. You can keep your dove inside your house or on your balcony.

Quaker parakeetBreak the boredom in your home by getting a beautiful talking animal. Most Quakers are lime green and have blue wings. Their beaks are often colored, and their chests and necks appear storm- gray. This blend of colors makes the bird an admirable animal that makes it stand out among other regular birds. Its ability to emulate familiar sounds such as human words makes it unique. You can train your pet bird and teach them some tricks thanks to their high IQ levels. They also need attention and motivation through praises and care. Don’t leave a Quaker parakeet alone for a whole day since they love the company of humans.

Wood duck


For all duck enthusiasts, you will find a wood duck an irresistible duck courtesy of its features. This bird can grow up to 21 inches if you take care of it well. A male wood duck is prettier than a female one. Their heads have a mix of metallic purple and green. They also have a white strip that runs down their cheeks. A red beak, white belly, and dark tails complement their appearance.

Final thoughts

Birds remain cute animals that we all need as pets. We have seen that each bird has distinguishing features as well as different personalities. Settle for a pet bird according to how much time you have on your side for both of you to find that beautiful connection.

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