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First globally recognised Sustainability and ESG Certification in Ghana



The integration of Sustainability and ESG into business operations is increasingly vital for organizations aiming to gain a competitive edge and maintain resilience amidst evolving economic, geopolitical, and consumer landscapes. Employers prioritize candidates who grasp the application of Sustainability and ESG tools to navigate economic challenges. Companies that incorporate sustainability and ESG typically achieve higher performance and greater resilience. Many organizations are eager to expedite their integration of Sustainability and ESG, either by training their leaders or engaging experienced consultants for implementation.

Globally recognized ESG certification is currently lacking in Ghana. Chaint Afrique addresses this gap by launching the Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Course as the first Affiliate Centre in Africa for the Centre for Sustainability & Excellence in Chicago. This initiative offers advanced Sustainability (ESG) training services in Ghana, providing cutting-edge resources to bridge this crucial certification gap.

About Chaint Academy: 

Chaint Academy serves as a hub for Change, Innovation, and Transformation, dedicated to promoting sustainable living and facilitating access to sustainable choices for Governments, Communities, and Industries. In line with their commitment to advancing sustainability, circular economy practices, and ESG performance, Chaint Academy has introduced a Certification course for Sustainability and ESG Practitioners in Ghana. This course marks the first global ESG certification initiative available in Ghana, developed in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence in Chicago.


About the Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE): CSE is a boutique training and consulting firm supporting companies and organizations worldwide to improve their business performance and maximize their social, economic and environmental impact through the integration of sustainability (ESG) principles into their culture, operations and products. 

Our mission is to help companies grow, innovate, and maximize their social, economic and environmental impact, for a better future and the wellbeing of the planet. The Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) is a trusted training provider for Fortune 500 companies, local Governments and Universities. CSE has been approved by CMI (Chartered Management Institute), CPD and GRI, in offering certified trainings for CSOs, CSR Managers, Communication Directors, HSE Managers and other executives. CSE is also Green America certified business. CSE is also PRI signatory, supporting its mission to provide leadership and expertise in responsible investment consulting and help understand the investment implications of ESG factors. 

Over the past 19 years, this has been the leading program in the field of Sustainability (ESG) and Corporate Responsibility, trusted by over 9,500 Sustainability Managers and CSOs and 90% of the FT 500 firms globally so far.

As the first Affiliate Centre in Africa, Chaint Afrique is launching the Certified Sustainability (ESG) Training course scheduled from July 31st to August 2nd. This 4-day residential course will take place at the eco-luxury Resort in Reddington Chalets, Whuti, located in the Volta Region. It aims to equip aspiring and current sustainability professionals with cutting-edge insights and practical applications of Sustainability and ESG integration in business operations. The curriculum will cover critical global aspects such as green marketing, circular economy practices, sustainability reporting, and ESG reporting standards, offering participants opportunities to apply these concepts effectively.


Leading the training is Venan A. Sondo, a Chartered Environmentalist & Certified Sustainability (ESG) Trainer with over 20 years of industry experience. Venan, currently the Principal Consultant at Chaint Afrique, previously led PwC Ghana’s Sustainability and Climate Change Practice covering West Africa, where he notably led the development of the Sustainable Banking Principles for Ghana’s banking sector in collaboration with the Bank of Ghana and the Ghana Association of Bankers and contributed to the Circular Economy Action Plan for Ghana. He is also a member of the National Task Force for Education, Awareness Raising, and Community Engagement of the Ghana Plastic Action Partnership. Joining him are other distinguished experts in the field, ensuring a comprehensive and innovative training program.

Upon completion, participants will submit a practical project on ESG Implementation for assessment. Successful candidates will be awarded the globally recognized Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner status. The course welcomes industry professionals interested in becoming forward-thinking leaders by understanding and implementing Sustainability and ESG principles in their daily practices. For more

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