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Floyd Mayweather reveals why he is not married



Boxing star Floyd Mayweather (45)  has said that the world’s high divorce rate is the main reason he is still unmarried.

Mayweather is one of the most successful boxers on earth considering the money the American has made in the game since he started his professional career and even after retiring, he is still making money.

Despite having a grown-up son and daughter, Mayweather has not married his children’s mother, claiming that he only trusts himself.

The American claimed that people had repeatedly asked him why he was still single.


In an Instagram post, The wealthy boxing star maintained that he has nothing against married people, but he’d rather stick to his personal belief. ”Everybody always ask me when I’m I getting married and I am not married for the same reason because the divorce rate is so high. The only person I will truly trust is myself therefore it eliminates disappointment.”


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