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Forget LilWin! Agya Koo says no one can overtake him



agya kooCelebrated Ghanaian actor, Kofi Adu aka Agya Koo has stated he does not want to enter into a popularity clash with young actor, Kwadwo Nkansah, known in movie circles as Lil Win. He revealed that some producers for their selfish ends, were bent on knocking the heads of the two actors together over their popularity. But, he said much as he appreciates the coming into the industry of young ones like Lil Win, he (Agya Koo) is still the most popular actor in the country today. “No one can overtake me,” he said in an interview with the Showbiz in Kumasi last Sunday. Agya Koo said he does not feel threatened in any way by the emergence of the new breed of young actors and actresses in the movie industry. He indicated that these are young men and women adding to the industry but not taking the shine out of him. According to him, he is still the most popular actor in Ghana with millions of followers locally and abroad. He said he had been advising Lil Win in particular to be wary of some producers who want to pitch the two of them in a personality clash. Taking a swipe at producers he refused to name who were using various means to run him down because of his refusal to buy into the negative activities in the industry, he said nothing could turn him away from doing what was right. For instance, he said because of his refusal to act in pornographic movies, some producers have described him as a nonentity in the movie industry. At a point when he refused to describe a certain tribe in Ghana as having been cursed by Okomfo Anokye, the famous fetish priest who commanded the Golden Stool of Asante to fall from the heavens, the producer of the movie called him all manner of names. According to him, such producers believed rather erroneously that failure to star in their movies could run him down financially. He stated that he had been producing a number of movies and he was okay with it financially. Agya Koo believed that the time had come for producers to make use of old actors and actresses in their movies since they make the story lines very rich. Referring to Nigeria where old actors and actresses are featured in almost every other movie, Agya Koo noted that was one reason why Nigeria movies continue to perform well on not only on their local markets but also foreign ones. He expressed disgust about the way Ghanaian producers sometime dress young men to look like old men. Credit: Graphic Showbiz]]>

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