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Four Cool Face Recognition Time Clock Apps



Due to the implementation of facial recognition by Apple, this technology has gained great popularity. Not only does the logging look cool, but it is highly accurate and reliable which is of particular importance.

That is the reason why many companies have decided to implement this technology and create face recognition time clock tools. In this article, we’ll talk about the four best time clock apps that you can use in your business. Keep reading and find out more.

Explanation of facial recognition

Generally, the principle on which this technology works is quite simple. The worker has to take an initial photo. It is preferred for the photo to be taken in a room with good lighting and carefully to prevent blurring.

After that, when your employee gets to clock in, they take a photo of themselves. The app then compares the new photo with the initial one so that if they match, the worker gets their entry approved.



This is one of the most popular clocking options due to the variety of features that this application offers and its compatibility with all mobile operating systems. Besides the ability for your employees for using a face recognition time clock, you can limit the addresses from which they can log in. In addition, the punching can be limited to a certain geographic location.

All these features are making your employees more accountable, as well as increasing the functionality of your business. In addition, you can use BuddyPunch to ease the payroll process, as well as do a better scheduling job. If you need more information, you can always reach their service since they are having an online chat with replies that usually take less than a minute.


Another great face recognition time clock application alternative with lots of satisfied clients and great reviews online. There is a plethora of features, such as location tracking, logging using your mobile phone, proceeding with the payments, and many more.

Facial recognition remains the greatest feature of this app. With that, you get to ease the job of tracking the time of your workers, increase accountability and promote productivity at your firm.



As another great clocking application, Timeero offers an arsenal of features that you can use. Not only tracking time for your employees but also location tracking and tracking mileage. However, the most important feature is facial recognition.

With an implemented artificial intelligence system, the photo of your workers is accurately compared with the one done initially during their profile creation. In case the photos do not match, you are presented with an error notification so you can try again, and can be sent to the admin. The software is relatively easy to navigate through, so setting up should not be a problem.


With a well-thought and decluttered look, Jibble is surely one of the cool face recognition time clock applications. However, before you try and use this feature, be sure to go to the settings and enable it. After that, all you have to do is visit the page for the employees and attach the initial photo.

When it is time to Jibble which is a synonym for punching in, the camera gets activated and you get to take a photo. If the two photos match, you are done. There can be problems with photos with bad lighting, or darker-toned employees, but this is set to be fixed. Other than that, this is a simple and quite functional application you might use.

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