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FREE Download: DJ Mensah presents 'Azonto to The world' Volume 2



AZONTO TO THE WORLD VOL_TopDJ Mensah, has released the second volume of his hugely popular ‘Azonto To The World’ mixtape. Explaining the catchy cover art work, D J Mensah said “if you look at the art work you can see I  wrote Alkayida and cancelled it-reason behind that concept is that-dance with a name like this wont take us anywhere. It is a beautiful dance but azonto has gradually entered to the international market and has been accepted worldwide.We must keep pushing azonto rather than everyone trying to start a new trend, that is not what is gonna take us there. “ Check the Track List  and DOWNLOAD 1. INTRO-DJ MENSAH 2.TURN AROUND-JMG/DBLACK 3.LIFE-INSTRUMENTAL-KILLBEATZ 4.LIFE(REFIX)–DJ MENSAH/R2BEES 5..ONE MORE FLOW-YAW SIKI/CHASE 6..ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN- KEMANYA/SARKODIE 7..IM IN THERE – ROTIMI 8.HALLELUHAH-EL/MANIFEST 9.PREPAID GIRL –STAY J 10.RED LIGHT-SAASEBAN 11.ABOKI INTRUMENTALS-ICE PRINCE 12.ABOKIZONTO FIESTA-DJ MENSAH 13.AZONTO FIESTA GHOST-BISA KDEI 14.AZONTO GHOST-BISA KDEI 15.BABY LACE –STAY JAY 16. TRY MY LOVE -OKAY 17.NKWANDA KWADAA -GURU 18. OHI3 HOR -CHYMMY 19.S3K3-DR SLIM/ DOUBLE 20.3 POINTS-GASMILLA 21.OLAKAME-SALA 22.DANCEHALL KING-SHATA WALE 23.FOREVA-TIFFANNY/MUGEEZ 24.SAKASAAKA-MODULO/CAPTAIN PLANET 25.TGIF-D2 26.GH DANCE-GUYMAN STIX 27.FIRE-CHASE 28.WESE SEN-BRADEZ 29.MAMA MIA-PAPPYKOJO/ELREPGH/JIGGY REPLAY 30.FORMAT GIRLZ-STAY JAY 31.MY GIRL-BUK BAK 32.BODY LOTION-KECHE 33.LONDON BRIDGE-4X4 34.ANTENNA-FUSE/WYCLEF 35.YAWA DEY-IL NANA/MUGEEZ 36.AYI-CRISS WADDLE 37.JEGGINGS PARTY-YAW SIKI 38.BLOW MY MIND-YAW SIKI/KILLBEATZ 39.BOUNCE TO THE BEAT -LIGHTER 40.AZONTO BOMB-JOEY B 41.ALANTA-BUK BAK 42.BOMEKA -ATUPAIN 43.ASA BONE -KESSE 44.EXTRA LARGE -ATUPAIN 45.YOU DE CRAZE-EL 46.DCRYME /KUKERE-DJ MENSAH/DCRYME 47.OUTRO-DJ MENSAH]]>


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