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From almost enemies to business partners; the Reggie Rockstone and Stone Depot story



Stone Depot opens first showroom and unveils Reggie Rockstone as Brand Ambassador

Ghanaian hiplife legend/rapper, Reggie Rockstone was unveiled as the brand ambassador of Stone Depot over the weekend, however, the story of how he landed the deal is a funny one.

About seven months ago, Reggie’s beautiful wife, Zilla was involved in an accident. The incident happened while Zilla was parked in her vehicle, scolding their daughter for playing with a taser.

Zilla was on a call, grabbed for her coffee and as she was about to take a drink a car hit them from behind, so hard that her drink spilled all over her. She immediately got down, asked her daughter to film while she apprehended the driver that had just hit them from behind.



Their interaction with the driver got heated, and the driver who was driving a company vehicle, tried to wiggle his way out of the situation.


This led to a confrontation between the two drivers. “Why did you park on the road, where you parked is not good. Stop filming, I go slap you,” the Peugeot driver stated in anger. Rockstone’s wife, however, asked her daughter to keep filming the incident.

Reggie and Zilla were however, quick and placed a call to the company to report the accident. They proceeded to follow the driver to his company offices where they met and discussed the situation to the bosses.

Reggie and Zilla’s visit to the Stone Depot showroom to report the driver will start a beautiful business friendship between the two brands.

“I have a footage of how we met. 7 months ago, a huge blow up between myself, my wife, my daughter and one stone depot driver, and from there, 7 months here we are,” Reggie said at his unveiling as brand ambassador.


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The CEO and Management of Stone Depot Ltd. officially rendered an apology to Mr. Reggie Rockstone and his wife Mrs. Zilla Limann-Ossei saying :”Upon further investigations, we accept full responsibility of the incident and are taking the necessary steps to ensure it does not happen again. We would also like to take this opportunity to apologize on behalf of our driver who has accepted his fault in the matter.We at Stone Depot hope all of this will be put behind us as we move forward with both doors open to each.”

Reggie has since been officially unveiled as the brand ambassador of the company.

Stone depot is a natural stone fabricators which produce from premium quality slabs procured around the world and is geared with state of the art machinery and professionals who assist in customizing different stone shapes & sizes in to fit your unique need.


Stone Depot also Fabricates and distribute natural stone products like Granite, Marble, & Quartz.

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