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From Ghana to the world: This is how the Dext Science Set is hoping to create future engineers



The “Dext Science Set” is a construction kit for curious people of all ages with 30 different exercises and instructions. It consists of more than 40 parts and is used for learning and experimenting in various fields, such as electronics, energy, mechanics, or agriculture.

The set is designed by Charles Ofori Antipem from Ghana, the managing director of “Dext Technologies”.  From a very young age Charles was able to grasp complex problems and possessed a good memory – unlike most kids. Conducting science experiments in school was often not possible due to a lack of equipment. He benefitted from his vivid imagination which helped him understand complex problems even without any equipment. At the age of 15 he invented a waterproof foldable keypad, which was followed by many other inventions.

The ‘Science Set’ is by far his most successful invention. It is used by people all over the world, for example to build power circuits. In 2015, the prototype of the ‘Science Set’ was manufactured inside Charles’ university dorm room. The children in Nsoatre, whom Charles is teaching during summer holidays, are delighted and able to better understand the content of their science classes – all thanks to the Science Set.

Together with his former roommate, Michael Asante-Afrifa, Charles founded the company ‘Dext Technology’, which is now producing the ‘Science Sets’. ‘Dext Technology’ has received several awards for its innovative product.


Not all Ghanaian schools have laboratories and tools that are needed for the students to study physics and technical processes. Consequently, the students may experience difficulties in their exams. Charles wants to help the students by making their learning experience easier and more vivid; giving them a better understanding of technology and science through conducting experiments and using problem-based learning. 

The Science Set can be used to build switch circuits, an alarm system and even a small robot that can walk. Students have built electric taps that prevent the spread of Covid-19 with help of the sets as well. The set is completely manufactured in Ghana. A total of 5,000 schools in Ghana already use it. The science set is so successful, that more than 700 schools in the United Kingdom are using the set too. 

The big goal for Charles and his team behind the “Dext Science Set” is to make the set available to schools throughout Africa. 

United for Africa, an alliance of of aid and development organizations, will be highligting such great innovations from Africa throughout November using African and German influencers in a campaign dubbed “Innovations Made in Africa’.



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