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From Mfantsipim to performing surgeries around the world – going under the knife of Dr Kwasi Debra



going under the knife of Dr Kwasi Debra

On this episode of Ameyaw TV’s ‘The Pulp’, we discover the story of Dr. Kwasi A. Debra, Lead Surgeon at the Centre for Cosmetic Surgery Ghana.
From his humble beginnings in Mfantsipim to studying Medicine in KNUST, Dr. Debra is now a topnotch cosmetic surgeon performing procedures for clients around the world!

Watch the Story of Dr Kwasi Debra

There is a rise in cosmetic surgeries in Ghan. According to Dr Kwasi Debra, the desire to have such shapely bodies has been greatly influenced by the internet, television and social media which have brought celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B closer to many Ghanaians.

Dr Debra lives and works in the US but visits Ghana once or twice each year. According to him, he performs an average of 10 procedures a week when he is in the country. His clients come from every walk of life and include young people in their twenties with aspirations to be models or work in the corporate world.

He said cosmetic surgery has become very popular in Ghana and for most clients, after enquiries, it is only a question of being able to afford it.