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From viral sensation to stellar artist: D Jay shines bright with “Starman” EP



D Jay

Prepare to be transported into a world where melodies intertwine with the essence of the universe, as D Jay shares his innermost thoughts and aspirations. With the latest project, he deftly paints an awe-inspiring sonic portrait, evoking emotions and connecting with his audience on a profoundly personal level. The sensational breakout artist who skyrocketed to fame with his viral hit ‘Balance It,’ presents his EP titled “Starman.” “Starman” is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

With an astonishing track record of amassing millions of streams and earning the esteemed collaboration of Afrobeats mogul Mr Eazi on the ‘Balance It’ remix, D Jay now aims to captivate the world once again with this breathtaking music piece.

“Starman” comprises an enthralling collection of 7 soul-stirring tracks that serve as a testament to D Jay’s remarkable talent and artistic growth. The lead single, ‘Balance It’ has already set the stage ablaze with its infectious energy and undeniable appeal, leaving listeners hungry for more. The EP’s diverse and exhilarating tracklist includes: ‘Oluwa Dey’, ‘Starman’, ‘Balance It’, ‘Amina’, ‘Anybody’, ‘Morning Stress’ and ‘Abena’.

His dedication and creativity have not gone unnoticed, as he has recently been nominated for two prestigious categories at the 2023 Taabea Ghana Music Awards UK. D Jay’s remarkable achievements have earned him nominations for the highly coveted titles of “New Artist of the Year” and “Afrobeats Song of the Year.”


Speaking about his latest musical endeavor, D Jay shared, “Starman represents not just me but also my mental picture of my journey in the music industry. It’s a reflection of my world, where I realigned with my stars and decided to paint a picture of melodies. On each of the seven songs, I sing my peace, expressing my desires, hopes and faith. This EP showcases a unique side of me that I haven’t shown the world before and I’m ready to share it now. I’ve taken into consideration the pleasure and interests of my listeners and embedded them into every single composition. From a whole new dimension, this is something different, but it’s also undeniably me!”

The EP introduces listeners to a diverse range of sounds and emotions, each song delivering a distinct experience. ‘Oluwa Dey’ opens the EP, radiating divine energy that reassures listeners of a bright future. D Jay’s introspective and spiritually guided journey resonates through powerful vocals and a captivating melody, reminding us of the strength derived from a higher power. ‘Starman’ signifies D Jay’s ascension to the highest echelons of his career. Collaborating with the prodigious producer, Samsney this song unveils the artist’s evolution and his pulsating creativity.

The global sensation ‘Balance It’ bursts forth, encompassing an irresistible fusion of infectious beats, vibrant energy and infectious charisma. D Jay’s unparalleled ability to ignite a party atmosphere shines through, leaving fans craving more of his magnetic presence. ‘Amina’ weaves a tale of a chance encounter with a captivating Northern girl, which ignites a flame of inspiration within D Jay’s heart. This heartfelt track showcases his remarkable storytelling prowess, as listeners are transported to the vivid landscapes of Tamale, Ghana. ‘Amina’ is an enchanting tribute to a fleeting connection that leaves an indelible mark on the soul. In ‘Anybody,’ D Jay embraces his role as a lover boy, embodying the qualities of an unconditional partner. His poetic lyrics, delivered with unwavering passion, assure that he will stand firmly by his lover’s side through every triumph and tribulation. This track celebrates the boundless power of love.

‘Morning Stress’ delves into the complexities of modern-day love affairs, exploring the struggles and challenges that accompany relationships. With soul-stirring vocals and relatable lyrics, D Jay encapsulates the universal longing to break free from toxic dynamics and find solace in the light of a new dawn. As The EP reaches its climactic finale, ‘Abena’ enchants listeners with its joyful celebration of a beloved name. The infectious melody and effervescent rhythm invite audiences to revel in the sheer delight of life’s simple pleasures. ‘Abena’ is an exuberant culmination of love, happiness and unadulterated bliss.


D Jay’s “Starman” EP is a testament to his artistic versatility and ability to connect with audiences through heartfelt storytelling and catchy melodies. With each song, he invites listeners to join him in his world, where desires, hopes and faith converge to create a unique and captivating musical experience. Whether you’re a devoted fan or a new listener, “Starman” is an EP that is sure to leave a lasting impression.



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