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Frosty Moon Ice Cream franchise open their 1st Location in West Legon



New yet popular ice cream brand Frosty Moon just made its storefront debut in Accra , Amir Complex, Aggrey Street in West Legon.

The new 700 square foot ice cream shop has a diverse menu from 24 ice cream flavors and toppings to sundaes, their signature waffles and chicken, brownies, cupcakes , sandwiches, flan & a variety of dessert cakes.

This is the company’s first brick-and-mortar and it promises to be a massive accomplishment for founder Desmond Blackmore and his daughters Alexis and Skylar.

Working together they are offering ice cream lovers of all ages some of Frosty Moons popular flavors include Snickers, Cookies & Cream, Raspberry Sorbet, Popcorn,  Sea salt Caramel, Oreo, Mint and White Chocolate.

Frosty Moon also offers Vodka infused Strawberry & Tiramisu Tequilla ice cream flavors for 18+ ice cream lovers.

With so many uncertainties in life as of late, it’s nice to know that there’s always one thing you can count on to make you happy—ICE CREAM! Doesn’t it make you smile just thinking about it?!


Visit Frosty Moon on Aggrey Street, West Legon { next to the Pure Fire Church } soon or call to get a Frosty Moon Rocks Care Package delivered right to your doorstep in Accra on 0595241223 .

Follow their Instagram page & check out their menu ~> www.instagram/frostymoonrocks

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