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Fun Activities To Get Fit This Summer



Does thinking about working out make you want to go lie down? Are you one of those people who don’t particularly enjoy setting an alarm for 5:30 am to exercise, but still want to get in shape for the summer? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

If you’re not feeling motivated to work out, it’s probably because you’re not having fun. Not everyone enjoys the hard work it takes to shed those few extra pounds and get in shape. There’s a whole world of enjoyment, and unconventional activities out there that make exercise fun, it’s just a matter of finding the one that works for you.

This article aims to encourage people to make physical activity something they do willingly and consistently. If you need some ideas, read up.

Outdoor Swimming

There’s nothing wrong with indoor-pool swimming, however, swimming in an open-air pool, beach or even lake can drastically alter your perspective on swimming as a workout. Not only does the surrounding environment put you in a better mood that makes you more likely to enjoy exercise, but the wild waters (in case of beaches or lakes) will challenge and tone your entire body.

Additionally, it has been suggested that moving through cool waters can improve circulation and boost immunity. So if your area has an outdoor swimming-friendly location, try it out and you’ll be amazed by the uplifting and therapeutic effect it has on your fitness and emotional states.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a total-body workout that exercises your upper and lower body as well as your core. Whether you’re doing it indoors or outdoors, you’ll be getting the same benefits. It’s important to always use the proper equipment and be sure to climb under the supervision of an expert who knows how to climb safely.


If running and jogging isn’t for you, that’s completely okay. Walking at a fast enough pace to get your heart rate up can be just as effective. Research shows that speed walking can decrease the risk of heart-related disease. Put on your most comfortable walking sandals and explore a local park on a walk whether solo, with a friend or even your dog and get your heart rate up while taking in the surroundings. Sandal are whole lot more heat friendlier than sneakers in the hot weather, and if you get the right pair, then it will actually prove to much more comfortable too.


Take an organized dance class, such as Zumba or hip hop, or crank up the music and dance around in your room, anything to get you moving and get your heart rate up. The dancing motions work muscles that are often missed in other hardcore workouts.

Dance classes like Zumba, blend body movements with choreographed footsteps from dances like salsa to tone your entire body and increase fat-burn.

Tips to Consider

Don’t waste your time on activities you don’t enjoy, this might cause you to develop an unhealthy perception of exercise and demotivate you.

Don’t base your fitness and workout decisions on what worked for others; find things that work for you.

Head outdoors whenever you get the chance. Outdoor activities have been proven to make you more inclined to work out.

Music is proven to improve your performance during a workout. It can boost your energy and even distract you from the strain your body might be feeling, increasing your tolerance and endurance, so go ahead and tweak your playlist.

Having one or more exercise partner can make your workouts more fun, and the interaction can boost your motivation. Be it your friend, partner, family or dog, find an exercise partner that keeps you energized. 

In an ideal world, people would have a regular, balanced, and inclusive fitness routine that they perform at least 5 days a week, but for many people, that’s neither appealing nor realistic. Not everyone can spare enough time or be motivated enough to commit to exercise.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, determine those activities you find enjoyable, and make the choice to move. The above activities can modify your perspective and add some fun to your fitness!