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Future of mobile slot games



The humble fruit machines of yesteryear, have been left far behind the online slot machines and fruit machines that you can now find online. Discover more now about online slot games when you click the previous link.


Ranging in themes and created with top-class graphics and slick animations, these online slot games are the new way to have a flutter online. Fun, humorous and sometimes a tad addictive, even, online slots have taken the online gambling industry by storm.


Other than the ambitiously themed titles that range from the inventive to the ludicrous, or maybe the always growing jackpot prizes, the reason for the growth of online slots has to be down to the rise of mobile gaming. The accessibility of slot games has never been as such, with your favourite slot game now playable right in your hand no matter where you are.

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But what is next for the mobile slot game? What is the future of mobile slots?  Check out sbobet88! At times, when you consider the sensational 3D graphics, it feels like online slot games, mobile or otherwise, can’t be improved anymore. Yet, that’s what he thought about just about every piece of tech released in the next 10 years.


So what more could mobile slots involve? Here are some ideas…

Face detection log-in to your online casino account

Someone, somewhere, is already working on this and it’s probably nearly ready.


Eye and face recognition is all the rage right now, with laptops and phones being able to be unlocked by their owner and users thanks to simple smile. What is mobile slot games had the same technology?


You could get into your online gambling account, with all your favourite games and your gambling budget right there waiting for you, thanks to simply being you. Speedier gambling, just in case online mobile gambling was not fast enough already. Slot online indonesia is one of those kinds that you might fall in love with.

Multiplayer online betting

It already exists to some extent, but imagine going head to head with a best friend over a game of Codfather.


Online poker is already a huge industry of its own, but online slots could soon follow suit. Rather than playing against the machine, you could play against each other and see who can land the best combos.

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With better graphics than ever before, there is a more immersive online gambling feel to slot games these days, but with the added intensity of a rivalry, things could be taken up a notch once more.

More and more games to be developed

This is a certainty rather than a prediction.


Online slot games are being released almost every day, created by amazingly talented developers who are always trying to better their own work and that of others. The sheer amount of choice has made the standards ever so high, so every time a new title is released, you can expect the boat to be pushed out even further.


More elaborate themes, more crazy amounts of money to be won and even better graphics. What more can you expect for the future of online mobile slots?



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