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Gabrielle Union’s daughter has “102 nicknames” and here’s why



Gabrielle Union's daughter has "102 nicknames" and here's why

Gabrielle Union’s daughter has “102 nicknames” and here’s why

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade named their first daughter Kaavia James Union Wade and the actress has explained the idea behind the child’s name including why she has over 102 nicknames.

Just two days after Dwyane Wade revealed their baby girl’s unique name — Kaavia James Union Wade, the actress, has taken to Instagram to share her own crystal clear phonetic guide to pronouncing her daughter’s name.

“@kaaviajames pronounced Kah-Vee-Uh James,” she explained, before revealing just a few of her daughter’s whopping number of nicknames: “She has 102 nicknames including but not limited to Kaav, Kaavi, Kaavi Baby, Kaavi J, Jamie, KJ, Nugget, Nug, Pooters.”

Explaining the thought process behind her daughter’s name, Union shared that “James” is a family name.

“We wanted to include my family in her name so that ‘James’ is from my uncle James Francis Glass who is also my grandfather,” she wrote, adding that “Union is her middle name.”

Alluding to her own struggles with fertility, she added, “I’ve waited this long so fo sho I was gonna get in there.”

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