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Gamblers Also Have Superstitions



Very often, people’s search for luck tempts them to do strange things. For centuries, people have been looking for luck in the weirdest of places. We’ve seen people resort to ridiculous lucky charms, as well as the common signs known for their ‘lucky effect’ such as four leaf clovers or rabbit feet.

Superstitions are present everywhere, including the gambling world. Many people who bet at a casino Canada have their own superstition in terms of win. In some cases, players come up with their unique opinions about what strategy, piece of clothing, word or move makes them happy when play.

So, from smoked bird brains to penis necklaces, here are the strangest gambling superstitions our world has ever seen.

Red Color

Chinese believe that red is a color of luck, especially in gambling. So, when they pick the best payout online casino or set foot in a nice land-based gambling place, they make a habit of wearing red. In fact, an item that most superstitious people wear at a casino is red underwear. This is considered to bring good luck when you’re playing casino games.

Don’t Cross Your Legs

Do you cross your legs while gambling on a casino table or betting on your laptop at home? Well, don’t! According to this superstition, crossing your leg will cross away your good luck streak. If you see a person struggling to sit straight at all times, trying not to cross anything from their fingers to their toes, they are very likely to believe in this superstition.

The same applies to touching shoulders of other people. This is not just table manners – it’s also a thing that might cross away your luck. 

Voodoo or ‘Multi Magic’ in South Africa

South Africans have a unique superstition for gambling, too. They believe that multi magic or voodoo magic brings extra luck to players. Some even go as far as to smoke dried brains of vultures. As gross as this sounds, they believe that vultures’ brains give them special powers that would help them predict match results or the winning lottery numbers.

Don’t believe it? Well, the dried brains are actually so demanded right now, vultures are facing extinction in South Africa.

No Shaving on Tuesday

Gamblers in India are unkept and dishevelled on purpose and not because they got too carried away with their playing. They are superstitious about this and believe that you shouldn’t do things like wash your hair on Thursday or shave on Tuesday. They go as far as to avoid cutting their nails on Saturdays and Thursdays! So, if you see an unshaved person from India at the casino, think about the day and you might get the answer!

Take a Good Companion with You

Many gamblers wear their lucky charms with them. These can be any object such as photo of their family, a small item, or lucky piece of clothing. But, some people believe that a person is your luck when gambling. Apparently, if you bring the right companion and let them stand beside you while you gamble, he or she might bring you luck.

The Number 7

Players are known to have their favourite, lucky numbers. There’s one number that rises above them all when it comes to gambling – the number 7. It’s frequently associated with gambling. Some of the best slot machines feature this as their main sign, including the Super Sevens and Lucky Sevens. The jackpot is won when the centre-face plate shows 7 across all wheels. It kinds of makes you wonder, right?


Even if you haven’t thought about it, most gamblers have their own little superstitions. However, some are stranger and more peculiar than others. Casino gambling is made to be fair and unpredictable, but who knows – some of your superstitions might work.

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Frankie Wilde is a content writer at various gambling sites. Also, he is a passionate traveller and a great cook. Frankie shares informative articles with the world.