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Gel Blaster: The Mess-Free Way to Play with Toy Guns



You might already be familiar with Orbeez balls – the tiny beads that expand when hydrated and gain a soft, gel-like consistency. These gel beads are widely used for decorations, but most importantly, they are fun to play with.

Also known as Orbeez guns, gel blasters are great toys for kids and adults alike. What could be a better way to enjoy Orbeez than to load them and splatter your friends with water-filled gel beads?

What exactly is a gel blaster?

Gel blasters are realistic toy guns that shoot the gel balls of 6-8 mm size. According to ThrilloGaming, a popular portal for recreational sports, gel blasters are very similar to Airsoft and paintball guns, except, of course, for the ammunition and muzzle velocity. Unlike the other two, gel blasters don’t hurt much due to the softness of the gel beads. Still, you should always wear protective eyewear when playing with gel blasters.

A mess-free way to play with Orbeez balls

One of the reasons behind the popularity of gel blasters is you don’t have to clean up when you’re done. Unlike paintballs, the gel beads won’t spoil your clothes with paint unless you soak them in colored water. You won’t be splattering dye all over the place either – one of the biggest drawbacks of playing paintball at home.


The gel beads disintegrate upon impact and can be easily cleaned up by washing or sweeping them away. If you have potted plants or a garden, you may even bury used Orbeez balls in the soil to store water for long periods.

Besides the non-messy factor, gel beads are also non-toxic. This makes them safe for kids too, and you need not worry about your children accidentally swallowing an Orbeez or two. However, they’re not supposed to be consumed and will obviously cause problems if swallowed/eaten in large numbers.

What makes gel blasters so fun?

Gel blasters, such as those you can purchase from, have been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years, so much so that several gel blaster arenas have been created. Regardless of whether you’re a kid or a grownup, gel blasters can ensure hours of fun.

1. A real-life shooting sport

To begin with, gel blasters are great for recreating multiplayer FPS games in real life. Even though most blasters clearly appear as toys, the way they shoot gel beads at high velocities at a rapid rate makes them perfect for the purpose. Playing the latest video games with top-notch graphics is fun, but a real-life multiplayer experience is very different.


2. Multiple game modes

Do you know why playing with gel blasters never gets boring? It’s because of the multiple game modes you can switch between. Just like in video games, you can play as a team or go solo. Game modes like a free-for-all, team deathmatch, capture the flag, etc., allow you to practice different playing styles with varied strategies.

3. Cheap and abundant ammo

Unlike video games, you actually have to spend money to buy ammo in real life. The good part is gel beads are very cheap – a pack of 10,000 costs only $10 on average. This makes them far cheaper than paintballs and Airsoft pellets, which means you can get a lot more ammo. With plenty of water beads to shoot at your friends, you won’t have to limit your shooting much, either.

4. Designs based on actual guns

Gel blasters are available in various designs, including those of actual guns that are very popular in real life and video games. These include MP5, AK47, M416, M4A1, sniper rifles, pistols, and more. No matter what kind of gun you’re fond of, you can find a similar gel blaster. You may even choose a specific type of gel blaster depending on your preferred or usual role in the team. A lot of brands have also come up with unique and futuristic-looking designs for those seeking something different.

5. Needs less protective gear

Safety is always of paramount importance while playing with gel blasters, especially if the game involves shooting at each other with high-speed projectiles. While arenas won’t let you play such real-life shooting games without wearing the necessary protective gear, it’s strongly advised to follow the safety guidelines when playing at home too.


The good thing about gel blasters is that you need to put on less gear compared to Airsoft and Paintball. You’ll still have to wear a pair of goggles or other protective eyewear, but face masks and thick full-sleeved clothes aren’t mandatory. Children should still be fully clothed, though – the gel might sting hard on sensitive skin.

How safe are gel blasters?

Don’t worry; gel blasters are quite safe, even for ten-year-old kids (and younger ones under adult supervision). The very reason gel blasters were first manufactured was to offer a safer alternative to Airsoft guns in China and other countries that had banned Airsoft for the risk of injuries.

To begin with, the soft gel beads don’t cause any injuries unless you get hit in the eyes, which shouldn’t happen if you wear protective eyewear as instructed in the guidelines. They might sting a little when hitting bare skin, but the pain isn’t usually intense and doesn’t last long. Besides, gel blasters also fire at lower velocities than Airsoft and paintball guns.

As long as you play responsibly, gel blasters are as safe as most toys. Just remember to stick to the guidelines and not to anything you aren’t supposed to, like shooting at random strangers. Apart from potentially harming, you’d also be putting yourself at risk of retaliation and criminal charges.


Is a gel blaster really worth your money?

If you don’t want to spend on a gel blaster, you can always visit an arena and play with the gel guns they provide. However, a gel blaster is certainly worth your money considering you can get a good one for less than $50.

Having your own gel blaster will allow you to play whenever you want, and you may even play at home. In the long run, it saves you both the cost and hassle of playing at an arena every time.

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