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George Darko, Agya Koo Nimo, Ambulley, King Ayisoba, Wulomei, Steve Bedi, others for Okuapeman Jazz Festival



An astounding musical experience beckons, as all take to the stage to display their fine talents, and bring Jazz music to life. The purpose of this festival according to the organizers is to foster unity amongst the many ethnic groups in the country, which is why the line-up is carefully chosen to reflect the general theme of “That they all May be One”. “It is also to encourage towns and villages in Okuapeman to engage in self-help activities aimed at offering meaningful development in the various towns and villages.” The August 10 event promises to be exciting, given the kind of attention it is already getting. It is being spearheaded by George Darko, whose musical career spans over thirty years with a rich repertoire of songs that has earned him the king of Burger Highlife. His music eulogizes the typical Ghanaian folklore mixed up with traditional jazz music, relishing a combination of guitar rhythms, making him a super star by all standards. He is a sought-after musician for the young and old, male and female in Ghana and on the international showbiz market. The Okuapeman Jazz Festival will draw its audience from Jazz lovers from all over the world.]]>

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