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George Darko set for 30th anniversary of “Akoo te Brofo”



Highlife legend George Darko is set to hold what would go down as a memorable event on October 26, when he returns to the stage to celebrate some 30 years of “Akoo te Brofo” his hit song of three decades. Set to be at the Accra International Conference Centre, George Darko would headline a concert that seeks to celebrate what has been three solid decades of a song that changed the face of highlife and most importantly Burger Highlife, his claim to fame. The King of Burger Highlife as he has been known for the greater part of his music years (and is till being called), is all fired up for the grand show,” his handlers Mirror Image said today. Mirror Image Productions have also announced that the celebrated musician will be joined in concert by other well known acts on the night, to drum home the “Ako Te Brofo” story. “This is going to be a once in a lifetime event, and we are hopeful of its success,” Gilbert Boakye Nhyira of Mirror Image said. “Gerorge Darko is fired up for this show. Akoo te Brofo at 30 is a concert you don’t want to miss”. Years after blazing the trail of what, would later go on to become an appreciable subset of highlife, George’s Burger Highlife still reigns, and can be seen and heard subtly in modern day Ghanaian songs. The concert will surely rekindle and ignite the passion and drive that accompanied and embraced Burger Highlife years ago, Mirror Image has said. Burger Highlife through the years has found a perfect home in the life of Highlife as a universal music genre, with a huge following. The story is told of how In the 1980s, Reggae music was gaining popularity worldwide and was carrying with it a growing popularity for other forms of world music that were easy to dance to. Highlife music, often fused with Reggae, then, gained a wider audience in Europe and North America at this time. During the late 1970s-early 1980s, there was a massive exodus of Ghanaians to foreign lands with many making the cities of Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg their second home. Burger-Highlife was born when Ghanaian musicians in Germany started collaborating with German musicians and producers. They created a crossover music style from highlife, disco and funk music leading to the birth of Burger Highlife. The October 26 concert is sure to add to the ever-growing popularity of “Akoo Te Brofo” as a song and Burger Highlife as a genre,” Mirror Image has assured. Akoo te Brofo at 30 is proudly powered by Mirror Image Productions, with support from Random Jeans, Tropical Developers, Pre Vas Motors and Sidje Media.]]>

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