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Get Familiar: Abodwese out with ‘Yen Chilli’



Obuasi based rapper, after many year of nursing a lifelong dream of a career in music, has released his first major single, ‘Yen Chilli’.  The thumping beat produced by Sugar Tone sets the single off to a feel good tune that should have fans dancing and singing along. Born Eric Owusu Gyamfi,   Abodwese alias Alongside Abodwese stared doing music since 2002 when he was in Senior Secondary School at Obuasi Secondary Technical. He continued with his love for music when he later moved to Christ the King Secondary School continues with his secondary school education. He became the Entertainment Prefect at Christ the King Secondary School, where he used to dance and rap during entertainment shows. He however decided to focus more on rapping because he realized that he could make enough money dancing in Ghana. During the period where he started sharpening his act as a rapper, he was listening to a lot of music from Obrafour and Obour, thus he mimicked their styles in his music. But Abodwese believes his style is as dynamic as Ghanaian music on a whole, and his style has changed with time.  His first time in a recording studio was in 2003, when he was in form 3. He recorded his first demo with his friend Gbono, tilted ‘Besia Yi Betwam Mu’.  According to the rapper, it was just for fun but it earned him a lot of respect amongst his peers because during school days, if you were able to record your own demo you were rated the best in school.  He used to perform original materials with his friend during school shows while others were singing other people’s song. After school, Abodwese came to the capital city, Accra to look for opportunities. His first recording in Accra was at Ruff Toff Stuff owned by engineer, Raz Malenzi. Malenzi took Abodwese in as a ‘studio boy’.  He served as a studio boy for three years before recorded his first album with the engineer. The album, titled ‘Mmre Pa Be Ba’ and its lead single, ‘Metri Bo Mu’ was short-lived because it was not promoted. In 2012 he went back to the studios to record new material including his latest single, ‘Yen Chilli’ and others like ‘Sikan Na Etwa bi Mu’, ‘Rap Mu Nkrasifour ‘and ‘Kokom Na Maye’.  He recorded ‘Yen Chilli’ at Sugar Tone’s studio and the others at Step 2 Studios. Convinced about the strength of his new material, the rapper hints:  “Abodwese is coming out big as a sensational new artist and I believe I am going to make it big time in Ghana. So watch out for me and look out for my music.” Download Yen Chilli:]]>

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