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Get Familiar: Big Chris drops ‘Evreebaady’



UK based Ghanaian hiphop and R&B artist, Big Chris is set to make his big introduction to Ghana with his new single, ‘Evreebaady’. According to the singer, the idea for the song came from a childhood memory growing up in Ghana.

“When I was around the age of 10 we had an outdooring at my family home in Osu and while everyone was having a good time, a family friend went around dancing, singing ‘everyybaady, we paarty paarty, when we boogie, we boogie boogie!’ – Ever since then, my family and close family friends always used to sing it and make jokes about it whenever I come back to Ghana,” he explains.

When Big Chris visited Ghana earlier this year, he sang it again in front of his elder cousin ‘X’, who advised him to make a song out of it. He did just that a few days later with the help of the talented producer, Yetolla. On the track, Big Chris was able to merge the Ghanaian music flavour with his current British style and influences and the result was amazing danceable tune.

Big Chris has a strong passion for hip-hop and RnB. In 2008 his song ‘WDR- Bringin it Down’ was number one in the Channel U charts in the UK for 6 weeks straight. In 2009 he came to Ghana for a short period and made an appearance on Alo Tigo with Jon Jermaine and enjoyed some airplay on Y FM. Currently, he is buzzing with several music videos and songs online and he intends to come back to Ghana permanently soon. He is currently to C7 Entertainment (with a promising future on the cards for him. For further info follow twitter: @bigchrisva