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Get Familiar: FATi, the rising Afro-pop star!



Her eyes see the world and her voice tells the story. Like a shooting star on a rhythmic journey; FATitakes us on an amazing and explosive musical voyage with her melodic soulful voice. Sensitive and strong at the same time, young FATi shows us that with motivation and talent, we can succeed in making our dreams come true. Music in her veins Born in Monrovia, Liberia, the beautiful story between music and FATi begins. Although there are many, FATi’s greatest source of inspiration and motivation remains her family. Her great-grandmother, a jazz singer and songwriter in the 1940s, her grandmother a published writer, and her aunt, song writer and the Bronzeville Diva. They transmitted to her very early their love for music, dance, and culture. On the trail of “L.O.V.E. Love  AndFATi is right to call her first album L.O.V.E. Love to express her Love, and her universality. All so close together in this album that it opens a new musical horizon that makes L.O.V.E Love, a perfectly orchestrated, ordered and colorful work. Like the artist, FATi shares her personal experience through intimate notes supported by an Afropop rhythm, with one of her favorite compositions, “L.O.V.E. Love”, as the main title. A carefully “managed” music – normal for one who has specialized in music management – with rich and simple arrangements. Guitars, drums and other musical instruments intertwine in such a natural way, to which FATi’s African touch and melodic voice blend. It’s both modern and authentic! Mixing, interbreeding and cosmopolitanism are an integral part of this timeless, personal, and original opus. A solid and rich album, from one end to the other, which will be a treat for Afropop music fans around the world. The star is born A star is born. She spins in the musical universe with softness and color. A radiant color that shines with a thousand lights on the one that represents the new face of Afro-pop: FATi.  “A star is not impossible to reach, but you will never reach it if you do not try. “, as she would say. FATi, is the star that you must absolutely follow…   L.O.V.E Love, Released on September 11, 2018]]>