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Get Familiar: St. Moneybrity – ‘Baby Oh’



His style on the MIC was undoubtedly one of the finest across Africa even when he was underground. Now his panache has grown into a more flamboyance with ability to blend both Ghanaian and Nigerian duet together. Born Henry O. Ehoro, the Business Administration student of Mahatma Gandhi University, Ghana, has his eyes on rocking the music industry in Ghana, and thus, he has released a brand new joint titled, ‘Baby Oh’. When we spoke to him about his genre of music which is a tempo well calculated, he said, “it is something for my Ghanaian and African people to love and appreciate, especially all the ladies in the world”.

  Since his days underground, he shed more light as thus, “for me being underground was not to me like any form of setback that accumulated to any form of disadvantage but rather a time to study and understand how the system work and what and what makes the industry work to once advantage and also I saw it as a time to build confidence and connect with those that are relevant in the industry”.  

For a music which is beginning to gain waves here in Ghana, we quizzed on what is that connection that is seeing the success so far? “The connection is first of all God as my total dependence on his infallible abilities. Secondly my kind of music and the message it carries of which is ‘love’”.


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