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Get Familiar: X-Project – ‘Black Diamond’



Afro-pop group, X-Project, has released a new single, ‘Black Diamond’, produced by Silvastone. X-Project was formerly a synergy between Nigeria’s Majeed Akinwunmi Akinwoye (Majeed), and Sierra Leone’s Aziz Mohammed Kamara (Slez), and Salieu Umaru Sindi (Saal), until Majeed left the group in 2011.

The group was formed in 2000, with Majeed as band leader. They had a long standing ambition to define standards for Afro, R&B, Hip Hop & Dancehall tunes.  Their debut album, “Tumba Dance” was originally released in Freetown in 2004, while their second effort “Dance for Me” was released in Sierra Leone in early 2005 and in Nigeria in August of 2005. httpv:// The group made an outstanding impact in the Nigerian and Sierra Leonean music industry. X-Project won a Presidential Award – All Works of Life Awards (AWOL) for their first debut album released in Sierra Leone with the song “Tumba Dance” as the best song of the year 2004. In 2005, the group released their 2nd debut album “DANCE 4 ME” and had smash hits with songs like “Ayemi” and “Tumba Dance Remix” (Yoruba Version). “Ayemi” became the most requested love song on every major radio station in the country, and “Tumba Dance” has continued to electrify every club and party to this day. The group was also nominated an AMMEN AWARD for the best new group 2005/2006. They have just concluded a yet to be released album titled “Sierra-Naija.” Artists like Rugged Man, Konga and Aniranks were featured on “Sierra-Naija” album. There is no doubt that the group has come to make a great impact in Africa as a whole. X-Project has so far performed across the nation and other West African countries like Gambia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and Liberia and the musical group is looking forward to soon doing a world wide tour. Download]]>